M-T Chamber Flags Prevent Accidental Shooting of Firearms

M-T Chamber is a made in the USA chamber flag company based out of Allegan, Michigan.

In 2009, after a house burglar was found hiding on the family property, Pat Byers, the Founder & CEO of M-T Chamber, had a revelation. He realized that the guns used to protect his family needed a clear and concise visual to indicate that the guns are unloaded during times of quick decision-making. M-T Chamber, “your first choice in gun safety,” was the result.

M-T Chamber flags are visible from 360 degrees and when a flag is present, the gun is 100% unloaded and safe. Our chamber flags are customizable and can even market a company logo. Our goal at M-T Chamber is to eliminate the accidental discharge of a firearm and we hope that M-T chamber flags can give assurance and peace of mind that guns are unloaded and safe in every situation.


  1. Incredible !!

  2. These are a great product. I use them in law enforcement for training and evidence storage. Also gives myself and others peace of mind while at the range with new shooters on the line. I have used them during active shooter trainings instead of having my firearm taped up or zip tied and still able to holster. This has also been a way that i store my firearms in my safe to reassure they have been unloaded prior to storage.

    • This product should be essential throughout law enforcement, gun shops and ranges, and home use. Thank you for keeping us safe.

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