Momentum USA – Producing Masks Made in America by American Workers

100% US manufactured PPE masks, look no farther than Momentum USA, Inc!  

Momentum USA Suspended Mask (1)Momentum is an American, family-owned company that has provided automotive excellence through manufacturing, distribution, and sales of aftermarket automotive parts for 76 years. Using a multi-faceted approach to the marketing of their products, Momentum appeals to the co-manufacturing, independent wholesale distributors, fleet, and installer markets. They are focused on high-quality manufacturing of their core competencies: brakes, cabin air filters, exhaust, and, most recently, PPE masks. 

Led by their values, Momentum USA strives to have their products used where high-quality, innovative products are required. Quality means so much that they have committed to always strive to be industry leaders through creative and innovative solutions. Momentum USA has an ultimate goal of achieving a zero-defect rate in all of our products.

Momentum is now manufacturing PPE masks at their facility in Richmond, VA. The masks, under the brand name First Line Protective Solutions, offer 4 layers of protection, latex-free elastic and are extra soft for those with sensitive skin. The combination of high-quality USA materials and proper filtration efficiency provide comfort and effortless breathing. 

Being a leader in the filtration industry, it made sense for Momentum to pivot to this category. They now focus on making the best possible PPE masks available.

Masks are Made In America by American workers.

First Line Protective Solutions by Momentum USA

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