Mohawk Superfine has long been celebrated for its quality, consistency and perfect printing surface. Here’s what some employees and partners had to say about the Superfine.

“Superfine got its name back in the 40’s when my Great Uncle George Morrison brought some of the original samples from the trials on the paper machine to customer in Boston and their response was, ‘this is a super fine piece of paper,’ and the name stuck. Yale was instrumental in the Superfine story. They came to us with a project in the 60’s and they wanted to print the Ben Franklin papers and they were looking for an archival sheet of paper. They challenged us and we developed a new chemistry on the paper machine and were able to make an archival sheet in Superfine.” – Thomas D. O’Connor, Jr., Chairman and CEO.

Mohawk Superfine's factoryChris Harrold VP “Mohawk Superfine in the hands of Alvin Eisenman in the early days of the graduate design program at Yale University became a staple for great graphic designers over many decades.” – Chris Harrold, Vice President.

“We have a phrase here the mill, and it goes, ‘treat it like Superfine. What that means, is that only the highest level of quality is allowed to go out the door with this product,” – Dolph Beyer, Waterford Mill Manager

“Superfine is one of the very few products in the paper and graphic arts business that has successfully flourished from letter press to offset lithography to digital printing.” – Harrold

“We needed to provide a sheet that would produce the same outstanding results in digital printing that we had been providing for decades to the offset industry. The chemistry that we use on the Superfine digital products is definitely a secret sauce. It’s proprietary. No one else truly knows what that combination of materials is or how we apply it to the sheet. The paint that we apply is better because the canvas is really good,” – Gavin Gaynor, VP of Research & Development.

“I think making is something that is being rediscovered. People a long time ago used to make things in their garages or their backyards and I think that stopped for a while. Now, people are getting back to it. The collaboration with Mohawk has been a real pleasure. We’ve always looked for ways to marry traditional and technology in beautiful ways. Mohawk Superfine gives the new paper products that we’re launching this rich heritage that we’re really proud to be a part of and to celebrate with our customers.” – Patrick Buckley, Chief DODO & Co-Founder of DODO case.

“Superfine has inspired designers for decades. Superfine is engaging an entirely new generation of makers because of its beauty and its incredible capability on a printing press.” – Harrold

Mohawk Superfine example paper

Mohawk Superfine paper in action.

“I think the Superfine gives a very truthful reproduction and color to skin tones and nature–shadows especially. And it really holds the color.” – Jessica Walker, Senior Manager of Print Operations at blurb.

“I think what’s incredible about what the Mohawk Superfine paper lets people do is to make something that is so completely professional and that Mohawk Superfine paper is really the key to that professionalism.” – Kent Hall, Social Media Manager at blurb.

“Bring Mohawk Superfine into the digital print community has made a huge difference for us as a company and in fact, I think it’s an important piece of the future for the digital print industry.” – Harrold

“Mohawk and Superfine in particular is really a celebration of the creative spirit.” – Buckley

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