Woman-owned MJP Sells Quality Knit Goods 100% Made in USA

MJP USA is a small New Jersey woman-owned knitwear company with a patriotic mission.

After several of their family and friends lost their jobs to overseas manufacturing, Marie and the MJP crew knew they wanted to be a part of the solution. On top of their everyday jobs, they began knitting quality scarves, throws and more out of 100% American made materials. The side project quickly developed into a full-fledged passionate business and MJP was born.

knit wear from MJP usa shawlLike most American made businesses, MJP’s success was slow at first. They attended their first small show in October 2017 with little success. While they could have given up right then and there, they knew they had to keep trying. Throughout that fall and winter, they continued to attend local events because each happy customer gave them the boost to continue doing what they loved.

Today, MJP even knits face masks to keep people safe during the covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, Americans are realizing the importance of supporting local businesses.

Knit blanket“No matter how small of a role, I feel everyone can take part in the movement to support local American made products,” says Marie.

While their website features premade scarves, throws, shawls, and face masks, you can also place a custom order for your business or organization with your logo or design.


MJP USA is committed to doing their part to support American manufacturing.

Visit mjpusa.com for more information.

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