Metal Art of Wisconsin: The Father-Son Duo’s American Made Legacy

metal art of wisconsinWhat started as a weekend hobby in a Wisconsin two-car garage quickly became Shane Henderson’s career when images of his custom metal art went viral in 2013. Overnight, Shane’s instagram dedicated to the patriotic metal art gained thousands of followers – today, he and his son, Justis, make art pieces to hang on the walls of museums, churches, memorials and even in the homes of celebrities and politicians.

As the most famous metal art company in the world, Metal Art of Wisconsin makes metal art for hanging along with cabinets, grills and more. The manufacturer employs 30 local workers in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin factory where they make the 100% domestic metal art.

After helping and learning from his father since he was a young boy, Justis Henderson is opening his own shop with a personalized take on the custom metal art.

At just 17, Justis Henderson just launched his own website selling unique patriotic artwork.

“He’s been by my side the whole time and helped me build products when he’s not in school,” said Shane. “He knows the business like the back of his hand.”

metal art of wisconsinJustis has a special technique of chemical patining the metal so that it comes out as a beautiful marbled pattern. In fact, Donald Trump Jr. even asked for a marbled flag that Justis made.

The best part? Once Justis’s shop opens up, he’ll be right across the road from his dad.

“I have a 15,000 sq ft facility, and I don’t think I’ll have room for him once his shop takes off,” said Shane. “I’ve been looking for a shop for him, and the 5,000 sq ft shop right across the street just opened up.”

Now, the father-son duo will continue to make art right across the street from each other in the town where it all began.

Along with Justis’s new venture, the pair are also excitedly preparing for Made in America 2021 in Louisville, KY. After attending the last tradeshow, Shane is ready to return and meet more patriotic manufacturers and consumers.

“The last event opened so many doors for me,” said Shane. “I shook all the right hands and got in front of the right people. I even got featured on Fox News, which was a real turning point for the company.”

Click here to check out Shane and Justis’s custom metal art.

Check out Justis’s website here and instagram page at @flagsbyjustis.

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