Metal Art of Wisconsin’s New Bootlegger Speakeasy

The zero gravity “BOOTLEGGER” speakeasy bar with biometric fingerprint scanning technology locks away all of your “dirty little secrets ” and is MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 Adjustable torsion springs offer nearly fingertip weightless operation.

Open and close with ease to start the party with a touch of your finger. Burned and hand oiled wood construction with a meticulously TIG welded 14 gauge, powder coated steel frame, customizable high density foam and inlaid polished 16 gauge flag steel. IT’S PARTY TIME!



The most famous Metal Art Company in the world!

Metal Art of Wisconsin is a brand of American made patriotic metal art with an enormous Social Media following. Boasting the largest “metal art” Instagram page on planet earth. With hundreds of thousands of followers between Instagram and Facebook @metal_art_of_wisconsin has gone absolutely viral.

Featured on Fox News’ Fox and Friends multiple times, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Fabricator Magazine, Local and National morning news shows and newspapers too many times to count. The brand is on fire!

Flags for Fortitude:
Involvement and dedication to our country’s heroes is unmatched in the industry. From Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders, to Frontline Medical Workers, Teachers and Volunteers. The Flags for Fortitude program donates flags to heroes that are nominated on the website

Custom Metal Art:
Custom designed art pieces hang on the walls of numerous Studios, Banks, Museums, Churches, Hospitals, Cemeteries and Memorials all around the world, in addition to an endless list of in Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians and Politicians.

​They are a family owned business right here in Wisconsin and they do it all for the love of METAL!

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  1. Very cool and unique bar. I sent this information to my son who is currently deployed to Egypt with the US Army. He’s planning his home once he retires in a few short years, and this is exactly the type of thing he’s looking for. To help with morale, he spearheaded building a patio and bar for the unit with blessings from the Commander. They cobbled together a pretty unique area for the soldiers and support personnel to kick back and relax for a few hours on weekends.

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