How MerryStockings Came to be Made In America

MerryStockings began in 2007 as a family-owned business. In the beginning, much of the focus for the owners Jake and Natalie,red-velvet-personalized-christmas-stocking-main (1) were the operations of the day-to-day, the marketing plan, the physical site, but not necessarily where the product was made. In fact, they used to ship all of their products from overseas, but that has all changed.

The beginning of the change happened when Jake and Natalie decided to bring the production on-site. Such as embroidery of stockings. Having created a job for someone is a rewarding feeling and being able to communicate is priceless. 

But then, they took it even further. About three years ago, Jake found himself at a Textile Conference in North Carolina. While he was there he met a company out of South Carolina that made a beautiful velvet material. Jake was impressed with the product and knew that the team at MerryStockings would be able to create a beautiful velvet stocking. So, he ordered a roll, had it shipped to the MerryStockings facility in Minneapolis. They were then able to have the material cut and sewn close by and the stocking came to be a reality.

Holding this product in his hand was a profound and proud moment for Jake. The stocking looked amazing, it was made withMerry Stocking's Stocking Hangers excellent materials by people that he was able to interact with and see on a day-to-day basis. 

Then came COVID-19 and the supply chain crisis. Along with other circumstances that took place related to the pandemic. Jake knew that continuing to work with companies overseas was no longer the route for MerryStockings. They set out on a journey to find mills in the U.S. that were able to produce fabrics that MerryStockings could turn into beautiful Christmas stockings.

This year, MerryStockings is offering several different styles of Christmas stockings that are 100% Made In America. They haven’t stopped there though and they won’t stop until all their products are fully Made In America.

Now the products of MerryStockings not only offer a fun Christmas product, but now, they tell a story. A story about supporting local workers, creating more jobs in America, and providing opportunities for others, as well as providing a  higher quality product.

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