Merrow Manufacturing Becomes Largest Producer Of USA-Sourced PPE

Massachusetts-based company, Merrow Manufacturing LLC has a long history of excellence in the textile industry–now, they’ve stepped up to become the largest producer of U.S.-sourced PPE. The company has signed contracts with 85 hospitals and private healthcare facilities and estimates that they’ll produce up to 4 million medical gowns and coveralls over the next several months.

Merrow Manufacturing is an 8th-generation family-owned brand based in Falls River, MA. Their normal production consists of apparel, gear, and instrumented soft goods, but the company quickly transitioned to developing PPE in mid-April by partnering with outdoor brand Forloh Inc. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Merrow and Forloh combined forces to scale production and quickly deliver quality PPE.

In order to meet high demands, Merrow invested roughly $5 million in production to go to 4-5 plants in New England. The effort has alleviated the medical supplies shortage while also creating over 900 jobs in the Northeast.

Charlie Merrow wearing a Merrow Manufacturing mask.

“For over 180 years, our business has been intricately woven into American history, which is why this pivot to manufacturing PPE feels like a true and natural extension of our brand,” said Merrow co-owner Charlie Merrow. “This new medical-focused division is not just a response to the current situation, but an opportunity to create an entirely domestic supply chain and reinvigorate our healthcare system and local communities; creating jobs, brand longevity, and performance-oriented products for our front-line workers.”


The new PPE collection includes nine products; from surgical caps and gators, to five medical and isolation gowns:

  1. ULR1 Ultralight Ripstop Reusable Gown – performs for over 100 washes. This innovative approach to the Level 1 and Level 2 isolation gown is breathable, lightweight and abrasion resistant. Using fabrics found in tactical performance outdoor gear, it is the most comfortable and durable Isolation gown in the market.
  2. AD1 Advanced Disposable Medical Gown – a single tie open back design, built from a fabric that passes Level 3 AAMI testing, and can withstand up to 30 washes in warm water. This makes the AD1 the only disposable isolation gown that can perform for weeks in service.
  3. AD2 Advanced Disposable Isolation Gown – features the same fabric and performance as the AD1, except with a fully protected back, and two ties.
  4. NWD1 Medical Gown – a single use disposable garment built from 100% high density polyethylene non-woven fabric that exceed level 3 performance requirements when tested against AATCC 127 and AATCC 42 industry consensus based standards. Built in partnership with Dupont, the NWD1 garment combines protection and durability using Tyvek® 1222A fabric that is 2X more fluid resistant than conventionally sourced ‘SMS’ fabrics. This product protects first responders, frontline workers, and patients.
  5. NWD2 Isolation Gown – features the same fabric and performance as the NWD1, with a fully protected back, and two ties.

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  1. This’s wonderful. So glad to see that we don’t have to China for-medical coverups. God bless you for
    For using the good ole American engineering to produce much needed supplies.
    Thanks too for sharing ur story.
    Don’s mom,Rachel Buckner.

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