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Made In America 2021 Trade Show Press Release

Made In America 2021 Trade Show Location and Date Changes!
Louisville, Kentucky Oct. 1-3, 2021 @ The Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky

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All local news, national media, and digital partners are invited to participate in our events to raise awareness on the importance of American Manufacturing and Buying American Made.

All requests are subject to verification and must be summited before Aug. 31. 2021. Once the verification process is completed you will receive an email notifying you on where and when you can pick up your credentials.

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Media Exposure for Made In America 2019

Our goal every day is to inspire people to innovate, build and buy American Made. Thank you for supporting us.

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Showcasing American Made!

Kentucky International Convention Center Oct. 1-3, 2021

Headquarter Hotel

On 4th & Main, the Galt House is where guests come to experience, immerse and delight in Louisville’s winning spirit. No other hotel can grant guests access to the city like we can, from our central location in the heart of the business community, museum district, cultural center and Urban Bourbon Trail, to our unique waterfront location

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Any products displayed by a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor in conjunction with Made in America. Com, Inc. warrants compliance with the policy statement, available for review at

We support the following on this website and at our trade shows. Products labeled “Made in USA”, “Made In USA w/Domestic & Global Parts*” and “Manufactured In USA*” *with exceptions., Inc. assumes no responsibility for verification of compliance with Federal Trade Commission standards and assumes no responsibility in the case of noncompliance allegations. We may report violators to the FTC.