Natural, Amazing and Made in America: Malpaca® Pillows

Malpaca Pillows, Sustainable and natural comfortSleep, something everyone needs, and many struggle with. Having the proper pillow can help produce a better night’s rest. A pillow such as the Malpaca® Pillow.

Made In America, Malpaca® pillows (handcrafted in Indianapolis, IN) are filled with 100% alpaca fleece which is naturally fire-resistant and hypoallergenic. Alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin making the Malpaca® pillow an ideal alternative to wool. Softer than Cashmere, the structure of Alpaca fiber allows for superb moisture-wicking and thermal regulation to keep you comfortable for a consistent and more restful sleep throughout the night. The texture and sheen of the alpaca fiber are like silk or cashmere, making the pillows comfortable next to your skin year-round, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

How is Alpaca Fill Different from Sheep Wool?
Alpaca fill is a great alternative to wool for many reasons. Alpacas are a member of the Camelid family, a descendant of the camel most closely related to the llama. People that are sensitive to wool may not have a sensitivity to Alpaca. Unlike wool, Alpaca does not contain lanolin, which may hold microscopic allergens that some people may be allergic to.

How are the Alpaca’s treated?
The Alpaca are raised in a stress-free natural setting environment that is grown without herbicides. They are not dipped in pesticide baths, and no chemicals, dyes, or bleach have been used during the fiber processing.

Mary Anderle is the original founder of Malpaca®. She is now retired but made sure to turn the business over to a trusted American manufacturer, MidWest Nonwovens LLC.  It has always been important to Mary to make her products in the U.S.A. She did not take that lightly when making the decision to retire, but she knew MidWest Nonwovens is the right manufacturer for the job.

Mary was a licensed Interior Designer for 25 years until she decided it was time to retire and enjoy life with her grandchildren. Mary said, “I have designed 100% all-natural pillows using organic fabric, thread, and even labels. No expense has been spared in quality to create and make a product that is eco-friendly, naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, naturally fire and dust mite resistant, and, most of all, a product that contains no harmful toxins.”ExperienceMalpaca

Heavier than most pillows, Malpaca® pillows are designed to have more loft and appear thicker at first.  Over the first few weeks of use, the natural fibers in the pillow will compress and conform to your sleep habit, then hold its shape for years.

Malpaca’s® mission is to make a positive impact on the environment by providing high-quality, all-natural, eco-friendly products that save the planet one pillow at a time. According to Brand Manager, Lisa Szymanski, “Being made in America is important to Malpaca® because it helps American manufacturers, like our parent company, MidWest Nonwovens keep American workers employed and helps support the local communities.”

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