Makeup America! Introduces a New Product in Record Time

Makeup America!Makeup America! is a Made in America beauty brand that reflects the American Spirit of beauty, diversity, creativity, and independence. The products they make are cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and suitable for all skin tones and types.

Randa Fahmy, Founder of Makeup America! was born in New York and raised in a lovely Pennsylvania town. As the daughter of immigrants, she had a heightened sense of appreciation for the American Dream. Her favorite day was July 4, 1976, when in honor of America’s bicentennial, she had the opportunity to ride her red, white, and blue Sears bike through the streets of her neighborhood, with red lipstick on, yelling Happy 200th Birthday America! Her passion for America was true and it has guided her as she has built her company, Makeup America!

Sourcing her products overseas was never a consideration. Randa knew the importance of building a makeup company that was sourced and Made In America. She knew the jobs that it would create. She knew that it would give the ability to develop a safer product. What she didn’t realize, was the ability it would bring in the midst of a supply chain crisis when the rest of the country is scrambling to get supplies, Makeup America!, has been able to create a brand new product and turn it around to be ready to sell in the matter of just a few short weeks.

Currently, Makeup America specializes in lipstick and nail polish. Here recently they have been working with an influencer, Isabel Brown who approached Randa with the idea of introducing a palette to the Makeup America! line. Randa’s response was let’s do it. 

Randa moved forward in designing the product that will be called the Patriotic Palette. The Patriotic Palette will have six eye shadows, a blush, and a bronzer. All named very appropriately and patriotically.Patriotic Palette by Makeup America!

  • Cherry Blossom Blush
  • Bronze Star Bronzer
  • Eyeshadows – 
    • Purple Mountains Majesty
    • Sea to shining sea
    • Liberty Bell
    • Constitutional Crimson
    • Amber Waves of Grain
    • Isabel Brown

Makeup America! believes in having a social purpose as well as producing safe and good makeup. Their tagline is “Do good, Look great!”. Here recently, that tagline received a bit of a makeover. 

Makeup America! on Fox NewsFor the past four years, $1 from every product sold had been going to the U.S. national debt in order to pay it down. When Randa realized that money was just going towards paying interest on the debt and that the debt had actually increased tremendously, she decided to begin giving those funds to a different cause. One that supports American manufacturing, reshoring America and creating American jobs.

Now $1 from every product sold at Makeup America! goes to A non-profit whose purpose is to educate the public about why they should buy Made In America.

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