Randa Fahmy of Makeup America!® Reflects on What it Means to Be American Made

Randa Fahmy of Makeup America!® recently sat down with Linda J, Hanson of the Prosperity 101 podcast to discuss the politics of American manufacturing and benefits of keeping your product Made in America.

Check out some of our favorite moments below!

Linda: Randa Fahmy is an American entrepreneur who recently founded Makeup Makeup America! beauty products featuring nail polishAmerica!®, a made in America branded beauty company that reflects the American spirit. With products named after America’s most recognized icons and priced patriotically. All Makeup America!® cosmetics are cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-GMO and fully Made in America! She was inspired to launch the company after a 30-year career in law and politics in Washington D.C. Before founding Makeup America, she was an internationally recognized expert in global government affairs, energy policy, and national security. Randa was appointed by President George W. Bush as the U.S. Associate Deputy Secretary of Energy, served as councilor to the United States Senator Spencer Abraham, and practiced as an attorney. I came to know her through a mutual friend, Brad Winnings at Made in America, which focuses on companies and entrepreneurs who produce made in America products. You can find him and that organization that we both love at MadeinAmerica.com. With that, I welcome my new friend Randa Fahmy. Thank you for being here.

Randa: Thank you, Linda, it’s such a pleasure to be with you and all your listeners today to discuss what is an incredibly important topic. Linda, you mentioned MadeinAmerica.com and Brad Winnings who is a great friend. I recently got involved with them because I truly believe in the ultimate goal here, which is to bring manufacturing back to America. And the question is, why? Because we’ve been losing our manufacturing jobs in America for so long. I say that it’s the three pillars, which are, first, economy—bringing back jobs to America makes sense, it employs your next-door neighbor, it gives you a job, and it boosts the economy. Number 2 is the issue of diplomacy for sure. We have to be diplomatic about it, but we have to firmly and strongly lead in global affairs by saying, “yes, it’s about America”. We have the best brands, people, and technology in the world. We can be diplomatic about it, but we have to tell our allies in the world that we need to start focusing on ourself. And number 3, of course is our health and safety. Linda, if we continue to import goods, especially from China where the majority of beauty brands make their products, we’re risking our health and safety. Many of those products made in China have unknown production—meaning, you don’t know where they’re coming from, how they’re made, if they use child labor or follow environmental policies. With such a big push right now due to Coronavirus, we need to understand that Made in America is not political–it will help keep our nation safe and our people working if we buy Made in America.

Makeup america christmasLinda: Of course, people really need to do their research as consumers, but there are so many reasons for why buying American made products are great. If a manufacturer is going through the trouble of making their products in America or connecting with the organization MadeinAmerica.com, they typically have a reason why they believe this is really great, not just for their products and their consumer, but the overall benefit of the country. I do think that your approach with your profits is amazing. You give $1 from every product you sell to the U.S. Treasury to pay down the U.S. debt. I just want to thank you for a creative way to bring awareness to that. It truly helps to bring attention to it and it shows that you care about this nation.

Randa: Yes! I wanted to mention another great topic the MadeinAmerica.com is doing along with Brad. We’re really pushing for labeling issues like we talked about. You go on Amazon and it’s very difficult to find out where anything is made. MadeinAmerica.com has been doing some awesome work on pushing in the U.S. government for a specific definition of “Made in America”. There are a lot of loopholes for people to grab pieces made elsewhere and put it together here and then claim it’s Made in America. We just can’t let that happen anymore.

Linda: When we can educate people on why this is critically important then that’s great. Now that the pandemic has come in and we’ve realized that our medicines and important products are made elsewhere.

For more information, visit MakeupAmerica.us.

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