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“The Power of Change is in Our Pockets”

Don Buckner Founder CEO


Educating Consumers about the Importance of Buying American Made Products.

  • Seeking Donations from Individuals
  • Contributions from Industry
  • Grants from Government Agencies
  • Endowments from Foundations
  • In-Kind Donations from Media and Marketing Experts.


MadeInAmerica.ORG is the Non-Profit consumer education component. Never before has it been so important to help consumers understand WHY they should become Patriotic Spenders. When we buy American Made products, we have to understand that some of those dollars will return back to us. Buying American made products benefits us all and only makes this country stronger. Many only consider price and quality when making a purchase. We will educate consumers on why they must also consider the country of origin and purchase America made products whenever possible.

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