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Showcasing American Made!

TCF Center, Detroit, Michigan Oct. 22-24, 2021 showcases American Manufacturing and American made products at the highest level. Sign up today to exhibit your company at the Made In America 2021 Showcase in Detroit, Michigan.

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Together We Are American Made

MadeInAmerica 2021

Detroit Michigan Oct. 22-24, 2021

Buy American = Better America

MADE IN AMERICA  This is an American Made celebration and to continue the Made in the USA movement. There will be hundreds of manufacturers from across the country showcasing high-quality, U.S. made machines and products.

There will also be high-level speeches and panel discussions featuring manufacturing professionals. This trade show event will have an audience of celebrities, consumers, businesses, media, and government. We will all come together to empower American Made.

About The TCF Center

TCF Center is located in downtown Detroit at the Corner of Washington Blvd. and East Jefferson Ave.  Formerly known as Cobo Hall and Cobo Center

Why The TCF Center?

Detroit is BACK!! We are excited to have Detroit host the 2nd annual Made in America Tradeshow Event. We are ready to be a part of Detroit’s excitement and focus on bringing manufacturing back to the Motor City’s reputation. The TCF Center (formally COBO Hall)  was recently renovated and expanded in 2015 and it exceeded our expectations.


Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the TCF Center and their answers.

Where Is The Convention Center

TCF Center is located in downtown Detroit at the Corner of Washington Blvd. and East Jefferson Ave.

How Far Is The Airport From The Center?

The Metro Airport is located approximately 22 miles from the Center. You may use a taxi cab or use the link below to make a reservation for Airport Shuttle pick up, service provided by The TCF Centers transportation partner, Trinity Transportation.

Downtown Detroit Partnership Security Project

Yes. TCF Center is an established lighthouse facility in downtown Detroit and TCF Security fully collaborates with Project Lighthouse.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership, with its ongoing efforts to provide safety, lighting and code enforcement, and Project Lighthouse, a private public collaboration of business and public safety departments, has created a security force in downtown Detroit that is unique in the nation and equal to none.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership is a private/public partnership of corporate and civic leaders that supports, advocates and develops programs and initiatives that create a clean, vibrant, safe, beautiful, inviting and economically strong Downtown Detroit community. The public partners are the City of Detroit and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Their Safety, Lighting and Code Enforcement program supports an environment that provides residents, workers and visitors personal safety with: a uniformed presence on downtown streets; an improved perception and realization of public order created by clean streets and sidewalks, well-maintained landscaping, public spaces and streetscape elements; good lighting; elimination of blight using tools such as stringent code enforcement.

Project Lighthouse is a collaboration of all security and law enforcement agencies in the downtown Detroit area including Homeland Security, the US Coast Guard, FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, state, county and city police departments and all private security companies. By leveraging technology resources, information and personnel records, a cooperative survellience effort exists across the city 24/7/365. This effort creates:

courtesy patrols in downtown Detroit
crime mapping and analysis
a superior camera and video network
23 lighthouse facilities established to help people in an emergency

Is there parking available at the Center?

Yes, there are 2246 parking spaces attached to TCF Center: 1250 at the Roof Deck, and 406 in the TCF Center Congress St. Garage and 640 in the Washington Blvd. Garage. Hours of operation for TCF Center parking garages may vary depending upon the event needs. TCF Center is not responsible for items left in cars parked in the TCF Center garages. For more information visit our Parking webpage.


Thank You For Supporting Made In America!

Together We Are American Made!

Join American Made brands and U.S. manufacturers from across the country to display what is Made in the USA today. Showcase your innovations to the world.

American Made means high-quality, integrity, and hard work. We invite you to come and see what is Made in America. Join others with similar passions and interests in the U.S. manufacturing industry.



Buying American Made Will Keep America Growing
“No matter what your political beliefs are, this is one of those things where we can come together and say, ‘You know what? Let’s support one another and support this economy.”

Adam NesmithVP of Metro Steel USA

“We’re proud to say Made in the USA and are excited to showcase our American Made products at Made In America 2019.”

Greg OwensPresident of Liberty Tabletop

“We’re just thrilled to be at the beginning stages of something that’s going to be one of the biggest waves this country has ever seen.”

Bill Wydra Jr.President of Ashland Technologies

Made In America NonProfit Logo

MadeInAmerica.ORG is the Non-Profit consumer education component. Never before has it been so important to help consumers understand WHY they should become Patriotic Spenders. When we buy an AmericanMade products, we have to understand that some of those dollars will return back to us. Buying American made products benefits us all and only makes this country stronger. Many only consider price and quality when making a purchase. We will educate consumers on why they must also consider the country of origin and purchase America made products whenever possible.



U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Made in USA Policy Statement
Any products displayed by a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor in conjunction with Made in America. Com, Inc. 2019 event warrants compliance with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Made in USA policy statement, available for review at In summary, this policy statement defines the standard to be used in assessing compliance with this policy, and provides guidance to marketers making claims that meet FTC definitions applicable to products “all or virtually all” made in the United States., Inc. assumes no responsibility for verification of compliance with these FTC standards, and assumes no responsibility in the case of noncompliance allegations.