Luosh USA Face Masks are Made in America and ASTM Level 3 Rated

When safety is your concern, choosing the right mask is more than a matter of preference. You have a lot at stake when selecting proper protection for your application.  Know how you plan to use your facial protection, and select an ASTM-rated mask that is right for you and offers the best protection.

The Luosh USA face masks is ASTM Level 3 rated, which makes it incredibly safe and effective for nonregulatory use outside of healthcare professions.

Luosh USA

ASTM International sets international standards for healthcare best practices, which includes testing and requirements for performance of materials.

The FDA, who oversees marketing and sales of all surgical masks, recommends that 4 standards of mask performance be met:

  1. Fluid Resistance
  2. Differential Pressure (Delta-P)
  3. Filtration Efficiency
  4. Flammability

Luosh exceeds minimum requirements for all ASTM standards.

The newly launched company provides reliably constructed single use face masks for general and professional use. A three-layer construction method is used that includes hydrophobic top and bottom layers, and a fully enclosed filter layer. Four sealed sides reduce contaminate infiltration of the 98% bacterial filter efficiency media used in Luosh masks.Loush USA American made face masks

Luosh US made masks are are constructed of light and breathable fabrics with a fabulous feel that hug the face comfortably without irritation. An enclosed bendable nose piece secures the mask to conform with every curve, forming a secure but gentle seal that helps to keep out pathogens, particles, and pollution without discomfort. Silky smooth, double-welded ear loop attachments securely bond to the mask to your face, providing a gentle, comfortable fit that will not break like some imported masks.

Luosh American made face masks are as gentle as a single use face mask can be, and can be worn hour after hour without irritation or discomfort. The product is configured for sensitive skin. No dyes, no inks, no fragrances, and no adhesives are used. The masks are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, and are also latex-free and silicone-free.

Luosh provides masks to you in convenient packaging, with five masks per sealed polybag. Ten polybags are included in a 50-mask box that you can conveniently share with the entire family or at the office.

Luosh USA provides premium, safe, effective face masks for customers from a source they trust and know at an affordable price. No materials are imported, and all face masks are made in the USA from American-made materials. Luosh face masks are available online via,, and via the company’s website linked above. Luosh face masks are shipped factory-direct from the company’s plant in Marietta, Georgia.

Luosh is a family-owned and operated business focused on protecting customers’ health with quality personal protective equipment. The manufacturer also sells American made face masks to wholesalers and resellers at special pricing.

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