Loominaries Custom Rag Rugs and Pillows are One of a Kind

For as long as she can remember, Patricia Lukas has been intrigued by the art of weaving. Her first introduction to multi-harness looms was on a childhood visit to Sturbridge Village, a re-creation of an 18th century town in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. She recalls being in the weaving house and watching a woman weave fabric at a loom that was almost as large as the room itself. That memory stayed with her, and during a trip to New Hampshire with her family some years later, her parents bought her a four harness, 15” wide table loom.

rugs and pillowsAfter studying with a talented weaver named Susan Hebert, she began weaving placemats, runners and scarves as a hobby while attending college. The gift Patricia received from her parents and husband upon her graduation from college was a four harness, 45” wide floor loom, which enabled her to create a greater variety of woven pieces. It was during this time that she began more extensive study with Klara Cherepov, a highly respected master weaver. Patricia eventually rented a studio at Bittersweet Farm in Branford, Connecticut, which housed various other skilled artisans and craftsmen. There, Patricia sold her woven items which ranged from pillows and placemats to clothing.

custom rag rugsA magazine article about rag rugs shown to her by her mother sparked her interest and soon she began weaving her own rugs. Patricia’s rugs began to catch the attention of interior designers, as well as home furnishing shops, and soon her business was transformed to the production of custom rag rugs.

After four years at the farm, Patricia moved her business to a studio above the garage at her home in Clinton, CT. A job promotion for her husband Tom, brought them to Tewksbury Township, NJ, where Patricia designed and wove rugs in a former horse barn on their property. A move in November of 2015  to western North Carolina,  surrounded by beautiful mountains and abundant wildlife,  is the setting from which Patricia draws inspiration to create rugs and pillows which complement every style of home design.

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