LogOX Introduces the American-Made Fireside Bundle

Winter is right around the corner, and with winter, comes the task of carrying firewood. A task that can be very unkind to our bodies. In fact, it is probably safe to say that every person, at some point in time, has thought to themselves, while transporting firewood, “there has to be a better way”.

LogOX Hearth BinLogOX WoodOX Sling

There is a better way, one that was thought of and designed by LogOX LLC, a family, woman-owned, American, small business, which sells professional-grade, exclusively American-made products, with tremendous pride. Their tool and Hearth Bin manufacturer is Swisher, a Missouri manufacturer, with over 75 years of business under their belts, which ensures that you’re buying the highest quality, precision-machined, American steel products, money can buy.

For their WoodOX Sling and CarryOX Bag, LogOX teamed up with Cross Canvas, a North Carolina, veteran-owned company, founded in 1986, as their manufacturing partner.

The WoodOX Sling Firewood Carrier is an ergonomic solution for carrying firewood. Its cross-body strap evenly distributes weight so one can carry more firewood with better balance and less strain than using a typical carrying bag or moving the firewood by hand. It is also another one of the LogOX ergonomically designed products that is listed on the Purdue University-based National AgrAbility Project “Assistive Technology Database.” LogOX has taken this ergonomic carrier that Core 77 Magazine awarded with the “2018 Best in Bag” design award, and combined it with the world’s first adjustable firewood rack, the LogOx Hearth Bin

Unlike other fixed dimensional firewood holders, this unique hearthside firewood rack has two adjustable side wings. This design allows you to adjust its shape to fit horizontally up against the fireplace, even on hearths as narrow as 11 inches. The LogOX Hearth Bin provides an attractive and convenient place to stage your firewood on long winter nights, as well as by your summer fire pits, for years to come.

LogOX now offers these two great products together for a discount as The Fireside Bundle. All 100% Made In America.

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