Loggerhead Tools, Instashield USA to Showcase at Made in America 2021

Two years and several patents later, Dan Brown Sr. and Dan Brown Jr. of Loggerhead Tools are returning to Made in America 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. This time, they’re promoting a new product born out of circumstance — the Instashield USA.

Loggerhead Tools, most known for the award winning Bionic Wrench, was founded by Chicago inventor Dan Brown Sr. Today, his son Dan Brown Jr. runs the patented tool company.

“I’m glad that Made in America stepped up and did something like this because it’s much needed,” said Dan Brown Jr. “I met some helpful contacts there [in 2019] and I think it’s really a great networking opportunity that’s going to gain momentum.”

Loggerhead toolsLoggerhead’s 100% American Made tools first gained popularity from being featured on the QVC as ideal gifts for handymen or anyone doing work around the home. In 2005, shortly after launching, Popular Mechanics Magazine awarded Loggerhead the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award, recognizing their innovative product designs and achievements.

While the company has garnered a large following and award collection, they didn’t come without setbacks. Brown Jr. says he will often find Chinese knockoffs of their product on Amazon. In fact, the company made headlines in 2017 when they exhualted thousands of their own dollars to take Sears to court for copying the design of their Bionic Wrench and buying it from a Chinese manufacturer.

“I use American steel, American-made components, and American labor,” said Brown Sr. “But it has been a constant struggle to keep it that way.”

After more than 18 months of conflict, Loggerhead Tools finally won the jury trial and American manufacturing prevailed.

Today, Dan Brown and Dan Brown Jr. continue to innovate, with the most recent invention being the Instashield USA.

Instashield USA

Instashield LLC was launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic to quickly fill the void of protective face shields.

Dan Brown Jr. and Sr. of Loggerhead Tools

The Browns used their design, manufacturing and commercialization knowledge to create InstaShield™, a patent-pending, FDA-EUA medical grade shield that fits over the bill of a baseball hat. The shield is available in adult and child sizes and is recyclable, resuable, and easy to sanitize.

The 100% American made shields are priced at $3.99 per unit so that consumers can afford to outfit their entire families, and businesses can provide shields for all of their essential workers.

Upon launching, the company announced its “Million-Shield Challenge,” where they donate a shield to an essential worker or senior for every one purchased on the website (InstaShieldUSA.com) until it sells one million units.

Watch out for Loggerhead Tools and Instashield USA at Made in America 2021!

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