Liberty Bottles makes a Global Impact investing in American-made Product

The U.S. was built on ingenuity and self-sufficiency through patriotism and pride.   Liberty was built on the idea that an American-made product can make a global impact, all while supporting American jobs, families, and the American economy.

10 years ago, that idea came to life with Liberty’s highly sustainable custom-printed original water bottles that:

  • create local jobs
  • support American suppliers
  • and are made in a near-zero waste facility that is safe for our health and environment

Since then, the production has grown immensely. The people Liberty serves are as diverse as the bottle designs—from small family-owned businesses to the White House.

Located in Union Gap, Washington, Liberty produces environmentally friendly, BPA-Free food grade & FDA approved aluminum water bottles using 100% U.S. made components, on 100% U.S. made machinery.  Liberty utilizes a unique 3-D digital printing process, featuring raised-print graphics (think digital embossing) with a gorgeous, durable finish.  The vessels & lids are recyclable and reduce the environmental impact made by throwaway bottles.

The Original custom water bottles are an excellent choice to help enhance brand recognition —re-usable drinking vessels accompany consumers everywhere – an eye-catching, durable, sustainable & eco-friendly mobile billboard, a perfect fit for a brand’s promotional needs, for retail establishments or marketing needs. 

At the heart of Liberty Works is its commitment to making a difference. That’s why they partner with non-profit organizations to create a small run of exclusive, customized bottles and give back a portion of net sales to the supporting charity.  Liberty Works is committed to the global push of ending plastic bottles and striving to be zero-waste.

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