Lambert Sheet Metal is and will always be Made In America

Cladding at Lambert Sheet MetalLambert Sheet Metal was founded by Carl Lambert after bravely serving his country in the Army Air Corps during World War II as a radio operator on board a B-17 bomber working in airplane manufacturing and assembly. After his service ended he joined the local Sheet Metal Workers Union #98, taking a job managing Trico Metals. When Trico’s owner passed away, Carl and Betty, his wife, secured a loan to buy the business. Thus, Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. was born in July 1969. Which just so happened to be the same week Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

Carl’s vision for the company can be summarized in one word: quality. Using his metalworking expertise developed over decades in the industry, Carl shifted the focus of the company away from ductwork to custom fabrication and cladding.

In 1975, Lambert Sheet Metal clad its first storefront for The Limited Corporation, an up-and-coming retail clothing company. Impressed by Lambert Sheet Metal’s quality craftsmanshipChecking measurements at Lambert Sheet Metal and service, what started as a few jobs turned into thousands of storefronts and a decades-long commercial relationship. 

During the 1980s, Lambert Sheet Metal was one of the pioneers of mirrored stainless steel fabrication. Since then, it has perfected its creation of mirrored stainless steel and remains one of the only metal supply companies to keep it in stock today.

Since its inception, Lambert Sheet Metal has fabricated thousands of storefronts and retail metal systems for businesses in all fifty states in the U.S. and in countries worldwide. Their work has spanned from repairing Air Force One to fabricating stainless steel handrails in the former World Trade Centers. 

Lambert Sheet Metal has always been Made In America. In fact, a few years ago a couple of businessmen from China came to try and entice them away from that philosophy. They presented the ability to manufacture a product at a fraction of the cost, which would have made the profit margin increase significantly. It came at a cost of sacrificing quality though, something Lambert Sheet Metal was not willing to do. “It is more than just that”, says Don Adam, “it was also about keeping jobs in America. Sure, we could have gone in a direction that would have increased profit, but we would have had to cut jobs and decrease our standard of quality. We choose to put our money where our mouth is and keep jobs in America.”

Today, Lambert Sheet Metal is run by Sandy Adam, daughter of Carl and Betty Lambert. Sandy is committed to continuing her parent’s legacy of top-quality service and unparalleled expertise.

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