KiltronX a Safe Pest Control Made In America

3 piece control products KiltronXPest control is a bigger problem than ever, with infestations becoming more difficult to control as pests are increasingly resistant to almost all traditional pesticides, including D.D.T. A greater risk of infestation also leads to a greater risk of deadly diseases such as MRSA, Chagas, Zika, and over 40 other pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. Today’s most common pesticide solutions, unfortunately, have active ingredients that are linked to all types of cancers, infertility, autism, and widespread risks to humans and environmental health. Not to mention, they are incredibly costly: two-thirds of Americans cannot afford the $500-$5000 for a pest control emergency.

In the face of increased costs, as well as pesticide lawsuits and consumer backlash, the market is in need of a safe, affordable, effective, and environmentally-friendly alternative to poisons to eradicate pest problems.

With this knowledge, KiltronX was created. KiltronX develops proprietary, poison-free, sustainable, toxic-free formulations and alternative techniques to treating bed bugs and other disease-causing (vector) pests that are safe, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and highly effective.

KiltronX products use advanced chemistry and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are capable of completely eradicating pests while being safe for use around people and pets. These products also meet all Federal & State labeling, formulations, and packaging requirements.

How It Works

KiltronX’s proprietary synthesized microscopic botanical insecticide eradicates a variety of insects mechanically, resulting in no risk of resistant species.Bed Bug Laundry Additive

At KiltronX, they synthesize natural components into a compound that serrates the wax-like cuticle of an insect’s exoskeleton (KiltronX Cutelin Science) causing dehydration, killing it without the need for dangerous pesticides or poisons.

KiltronX has the longest residual presence (meaning less retreatment) of existing insecticide solutions thanks to the proprietary combination of ingredients that kill immediately and residually. KiltronX is designed to repel and eradicate.

They have developed and sold both liquid and powder insecticide formulations in addition to proprietary anchoring technology which allows the KiltronX to infuse safe pesticides into custom-made, non-woven fabrics.

KiltronX has a versatile range of over 50 packaged products including direct chemicals, infused fabrics, pet products, laundry products, and more.

KiltronX is a socially responsible company, helping those who can’t help themselves. Offering free assistance through their non-profits, HelpUHelpsMe, Foxhole programs, and Buy Now Pay When u Can. 7% of their profits go to fund these programs. “No person should go without assistance from deadly vector insects due to their inability to pay in the USA,” says Zion Chairman at KiltronX. 

KiltronX delivers high value by using recycled materials in the construction of our fabrics and proprietary techniques that allow significant price advantages. All of KiltronX products are 100% Made In America.



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