KCC MANUFACTURING Employee Owned and American-Made

KCC ManufacturingKCC MANUFACTURING is an employee-owned company that takes an innovative approach to product development and custom solutions to set itself apart from the competition and pave the way into the future. KCC has been an industry-leading supplier of roof curbs, curb adapters, as well as many other sheet metal products associated with HVAC equipment and metal building systems, for over 33 years. 

Started in 1977 as a heating and cooling installation company by Albert Fiorini who to this day is the CEO and Founder of the company. In 1985 they began manufacturing units and curbs, which is what an AC sits on. KCC MANUFACTURING began to make about 24 units a year and now make 12+ units per day. 

In 2002 KCC MANUFACTURING expanded to what it is today. The expansion took on making parts for international companies. Currently, there are six manufacturing locations in the U.S., Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, and Tooele Utah. 

Expanding again, KCC recently broke ground on over 81 acres of land in Simpsonville, KY., and is building over 300,000sf manufacturing plant and a  40,000sf research and2019 kcc manufacturing day development facility. 

KCC MANUFACTURING now manufactures air conditioner units and the curbs they sit on, residential and commercial HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs, and they provide dehumidification and energy recovery equipment. In this growth, KCC is adding another 140 American jobs and hopes to be employing 1,500 employees by 2030, which will double their current size. 

Joel Strieter President of KCC says, “KCC realized it could be a leader in the HVAC market after learning more about energy-efficient units. Regular HVAC units include a ventilation hood, which doesn’t always properly control humidity in a person’s home. KCC is engineering new units that can control humidity to a specific percentage. This is especially important since Covid-19 because the ideal relative humidity in a building space is 40%-60%. Our unit can control to 50% no matter what the outdoor conditions are and no matter what part of the country that you’re in.”  (That helps the spread of germs, FYI)

He then went on to say, “KCC chooses to make our products in America because we are closer to the market, our suppliers are closer to us, speed to market is important, and the business environment in the US is better than anywhere else in the world.  We have predictable rules by which we can make long-term investments in our success.  Most importantly, however, is the fact that building things in America builds America.  By adding value to an assortment of raw products, we make our customers’ lives better.  By adding value to our employee-owners and to our community, we help to build America.”


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