‘What If Things Were Made In America Again’ Author Jim Stuber

We are proud to announce that entrepreneur and author Jim Stuber will be a speaker at Made in America 2019. He began his career as the legislative assistant to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, focusing on matters before the Committee on Energy and Commerce. He subsequently practiced legislative and administrative law in Washington, D.C.

Jim is the founder of Made in America Again, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to rebuilding the American middle class by raising awareness and conducting research on the positive effects of an American-based economy. His research is embodied in his 2017 book, What if Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in American Communities. We are excited to hear Jim’s thoughts on how we can keep America on track to be the #1 manufacturer in the world again.

“The key to restoring American communities is for consumers, governments, and companies when they are acting as consumers, to buy things made in those communities. But that can be hard to do: those individuals, governments and companies have trouble connecting with the producers making things in those communities.

“The Made in America 2019 conference and exhibition to be held in Indianapolis October 3rd through 6th will make it easier — by bringing those purchasers and producers together on a grand scale. The event has the potential to be a key factor in achieving balanced trade, creating millions of jobs, and rebuilding communities across America.”


Visit Jim’s websites to learn more.

  1. I’ve been preaching buy American since i was 10 years I’m 54 now so it’s been awhile .i go out of my way and price range to buy American weather it’s tires or underwear . i hope we smarten up.

  2. How will america, train the future workforce for “Made In America?” We cannot simply continue to ignore vocational, consumer, and technological education! Many companies fight to find skill specific candidates for existing jobs! However we continue to offer a career smorgasbord with very little, or no meanigful direction towards scope, and sequence of the acquisition of skill knowlege needed to perform highly technological manufacturing, service , and consumer procurement duties.

  3. I pray for our America everyday. With this type of encouragement i pray our great grand children will see the America the way it was meant
    to be and more .thanks Jim

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