Jacob Bromwell®: Made in USA for Over 200 Years

Jacob Bromwell® has been making luxury American-made kitchenware, housewares, and heritage products in Indiana and Vermont for over 200 years. As a company rooted in American tradition, it is the oldest kitchenware and housewares manufacturer in North America and the oldest known manufacturer of tin and stainless steel products in the United States.

Over 200 years of production have led to perfect American craftsmanship. Still today all Jacob Bromwell® products are handcrafted with pride in the USA and guaranteed for life. Each product is a example of the creativity and productivity of American workers.

Right now, two popular items are available at a discounted price on their website.


Kentucky Round Flask

Jacob Bromwell Kentucky Round Flask.Expertly crafted in the USA by the folks at Jacob Bromwell®, the distinctly designed Kentucky Round Flask is made entirely of pure, polished copper. With a 6 oz. liquid capacity and a removable screw top closure, the handcrafted copper flask guarantees an air tight seal for your fine spirit of choice. Supplied in an optional wooden gift box, this American made flask makes an excellent gift for groomsmen or anyone who appreciates a unique drinking vessel. The design allows for discrete storage in a sport coat or jacket pocket. Enjoy with good company.

Marked down from $400 to $75.

Legendary Flour Sifter (5-Cup)

Jacob Bromwell Legendary Flour Sifter.Jacob Bromwell® held the patents to the world’s first flour sifter, and today they’re making that same sifter in the original style, here in the USA. Sift up to 5 cups of flour at once in a design that remains true to the original. The uniquely-designed 4-wire stainless steel agitator creates the smoothest flour possible and a consistent measure every time, ensuring perfect cookies, cakes, and other delicious baked goods for years to come. Why buy a knock off when you can have the real thing?

Marked down from $125 to $75.

Vermonter Flask

Rated #1 best-selling copper flask by Business Insider, nothing beats the meticulous details, the balanced weight, the comfort and simply the feel of the Vermonter Flask.  Built with day-to-day practicality in mind, this best-selling flask features a heavy machined screw-top that guarantees a 100% leak proof flask wherever and whenever you use it. This unique flask has been specially designed to accommodate the needs of those who use and rely on their flasks on a regular basis, and is appropriately named after the state in which it’s made: Vermont. For a taste of history, straight from America, it would be hard to find a more fitting flask.  Twist, sip, enjoy.

Like all Jacob Bromwell® products, both items come with a lifetime guarantee for ensured satisfaction. Create warm memories that last a lifetime by enjoying a fresh spirit in a Jacob Bromwell® flask or sifting flour the old-fashioned way, and soon you’ll be part of the Jacob Bromwell® tradition…one of the oldest traditions in America.

Visit jacobbromwell.com to browse these items and other American made classics.

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  1. The copper flasks are sadly not made in the USA any longer… please fix this as it’s misleading .. They are now made in India.

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