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IT GuidePointFounded in 2008, I.T. GuidePoint is a client-focused, full-service I.T. consulting firm that believes technology should always fit your business needs. They serve mid-market companies and divisions of much larger firms that are underserved by global consultancies. Owner David Vickery is very proud of his company’s culture and the services they provide to manufacturers in America, especially in the Midwest. 

As someone who has served manufacturing firms for 25 years, David has witnessed the steady decline of the industry. The immediate thought that comes to mind when anyone hears about a manufacturer moving their factory offshore is the heartbreaking job loss for the local employees. However, he also believes we should consider the ripple effects that extend to the indirect jobs in the communities that support these manufacturers. For example, the list of local indirect jobs usually includes restaurants, retail, part suppliers, and even other manufacturers that make the machines that are used in the company’s manufacturing process. There are robust opinions about the true number for the multiplier effect, along with extended discussions on backward and forward linkage. All this data is important to consume on a scientific level, but the real world is that any loss in the local manufacturing sector has a negative long-term effect on tax revenue and therefore fiscally impacts our community’s police, fire, and school budgets. The list of negative social impacts on the community is well documented and devastating.

While he is the first to say that every product cannot be manufactured in the USA, he is also convinced that retaining a local manufacturing base and a skilled labor force is critical to the longevity of our communities, especially those in rural areas. This includes an emphasis on educating people on the multi-dimensional benefits of buying products made in the USA and policy that enables community investment.

Therefore, supporting Made In America has become a point of passion for David and his team. Made In America educates people on the benefits of making products in the United States, directs them to products they know are 100% sourced/manufactured here, and showcases those companies in their annual conference.

Made In America is making an impact by educating consumers and highlighting US manufacturers. David and his team at IT GuidePoint are going to make sure to spread that message loud and clear and hope to have an influence on the importance of bringing back American Made Manufacturing. 


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