Trakbelt 360 Inventor Hard Pressed to Stop Inventor Scamming with Inventor Rescue

TrakBelt 360Chris Landano is the inventor of Trakbelt 360. An invention he created after being in what could have been, a deadly situation. 

A few years ago while working as a photographer for the fire department’s forensics unit, Chris responded to a building collapse with reports of people trapped. Due to his training as a first responder and photographer, he was able to access the collapsed area and photograph other firefighters searching for people trapped.

After taking some photographs, he decided that he needed to begin exiting the area due to the fact that it was still a very active danger zone. While attempting to squeeze through a narrow space to get out of the collapse zone, he found himself caught on debris and couldn’t get free. With some quick thinking, he quickly released his belt to free himself from what he was caught on. This resulted in Chris dragging his photography belt behind him, getting dirt and debris into all his tool pouches, and damaging his expensive equipment. After this incident, Chris came up with the invention of the Trakbelt 360, a Made In America product. 

During this invention process, Chris learned that there are many companies out there waiting to scam inventors. In a simple Google search, you will find most of the companies that come up first, due to paid advertisements, are scammers. Companies are aware that a large percentage of inventions will never be successful. In fact, less than 3% of inventions are successful. These companies will promise the inventor that their product will make it to market with their help if they pay them to do so. Inventors looking for that production link, pay the money, and down the road realize they have been completely scammed. So, Chris then created Inventor Rescue.

Inventor RescueInventor Rescue offers inventors a safe and secure resource to go to. Chris Landano has spent much time cultivating relationships with leaders and coaches and is willing to help inventors find the same.

Inventor Rescue is an all-around resource where one can find information on what to do after you have created an invention. Warning signs to watch for so that you are not scammed. Even resources to inventor laws and bills.

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