Invention, Trakbelt360, will be showcased at Made In America 2019

While Chris Landano was making his way out of the collapse zone, his utility belt got caught on debris, trapping him in an uncomfortable position. It was in that moment of being trapped and working to free himself that the idea for Trakbelt360 was born.

Trakbelt360 is a tool belt system unlike any other tool belt on the market today. It was invented during a life-threatening situation when Chris, a New York City firefighter and forensic photographer, was photographing during a building collapse rescue.

Today, Landano is thankful for the near death experience that inspired him to create the Trakbelt360. The product is a utility belt that enables the tool pouch and tool holsters to easily rotate around your waist 360 degrees and lock in place wherever you need them. This allows for total comfort, versatility and most importantly, safety. When you purchase the Trakbelt360, it comes with track rotation system, which includes a belt and pouch holder system that can hold any size pouch and holster.

Trakbelt is entirely American made and a percentage of their profits will go towards supporting first responders and veterans.

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