Interview With Filter Time Founder & Former NASCAR Driver, Blake Koch

Filter Time is an online filter subscription service that allows people to get air filters sent to their home every couple months so they don’t have to worry about going to the store. Although the company has only been around for two years, they’ve experienced huge growth.

In this conversation, Founder and CEO Blake Koch discusses the startup and its recent success.

filter time

Jason: So, how did you get started with Filter Time?

Blake: I used to be a professional racecar driver and that career was coming to an end. My kids were 4 and 6 years old and I thought it was time to start spending more time with my family and building a business that they could take over one day. I started carrying around a notebook writing business ideas and one of the first things I thought of was starting an air filter subscription company because I went to Lowes to try to buy air filters for my house and I spent a bunch of money on stuff I didn’t really need and I got home and realized I forgot to buy air filters–the main reason I even went there! It was just a pain in the butt. Every month or two, I had to remember my size and choose an option–it was just a major hassle. So, I had this vision of taking the hassle out of it and started Filter Time, which is a website where you go to set your home up with the filters you need delivered to you when they need to be changed so you don’t have to worry about buying air filters again.

Jason: That’s a great idea for solving a very real problem. Now, do you work with any apartment complexes or is it solely marketed towards homeowners and renters?

Blake: We don’t sell to apartment companies, but we do work with property management companies. They actually just include it in the rent and we send those filters depending on the frequency that they choose.

Jason: How many years are you into this venture?

Blake: Tomorrow will actually be three years!

Jason: Happy anniversary!

Blake: Thank you! There are still so many opportunities especially since I am so new to the business. When I started, I went all in–this is a different type of grind. This morning, I woke up at 4:30 because I had this idea that I wanted to get on paper. I had to get the creative stuff done before my kids woke up and the other work had to get done.

Jason: I see you have Dale Earnhardt Jr. involved. Has he been involved since day one?

Blake: Well, when I was still designing the website, I thought about how tough it was going to be to get people to trust me and buy off of my site. I thought it would be helpful to have a familiar face on the website so consumers would trust the company. I texted Dale out of the blue and we met for about an hour and it went so well that we partnered up to form the company.

Jason: So, your filters are Made in the USA. How has that been finding your suppliers?

Blake: Yes! That was one of the first things I had to do, and I actually just Googled American-made air filter manufacturers. I found one near me in Charlotte, NC and I called the owner and he was all for it. We’ve actually become great friends who do business together. His dad started the company and they use all American-made materials. All of the material including the plastic wrap and shipping is 100% made locally in North Carolina and Georgia.

Jason: That’s convenient that he was only 20 minutes away from you!

Blake: It was, and he wasn’t the first person I talked to. The other businesses just didn’t feel right–it took a lot of planning and math to figure out how we were going to work together but I’m so thankful for it.

Jason: During Covid, did you have a bump in business at all?

Blake: Yes–huge. When Covid hit last year, we grew by about 600% and retention has stayed strong. We believe in the best products and the best customer service and we know we do a great job. Our goal is to just double every year from here on out. It’s a pretty aggressive goal but I’m a competitive guy and I think it’s possible.

Jason: I think that’s entirely possible seeing how you guys have grown in the last two years.

Click here to learn more about Filter Time.

"Having our filters made in America is something Blake and I are really proud of. Not only does being teamed up with a local manufacturer support jobs, it's cool being able to see our products being made right here in person." - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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