InstaShield USA Makes Affordable Face Shields For the Masses

After seeing news of people creating homemade face shields from 3D printers, father-son duo Dan Brown Jr. and Dan Brown Sr. of Loggerhead Tools LLC were determined to use their manufacturing expertise to help essential workers and consumers. While many manufacturers have shifted production to alleviate the medical supply shortage, the duo decided to launch a separate company for their endeavors.

Using their design knowledge, they created an inexpensive face shield they plan to mass-produce quickly starting in late April. Their company, InstaShield LLC, will manufacture the shields in the U.S.A and sell them to businesses and consumers. At only $2 per unit, companies will be able to supply shields to their essential workers for an affordable price. While 3D-printers take about 30 minutes to produce one face shield, the InstaShield will be mass-produced to distribute millions per week.

Instashield usa

Unlike other face shields, it doesn’t require any additional clips or headgear other than an everyday baseball cap. The shield is designed to easily fit over the bill of a baseball cap and surrounds the face for additional coverage.

“I decided to focus on the shield versus the headgear because that is the solution,” said Brown Sr. “Eliminating the headgear enables us to mass-produce InstaShield from a single sheet of plastic with existing technology. And because the product ships flat, we have low distribution costs, and we can pass the savings on to the consumer.”

To celebrate the company’s launch, InstaShield will donate a shield to an essential worker or senior for every one purchased on its website until it sells one million units. The product is intended for use by consumers and workers who come into contact with others, such as delivery drivers, tradespeople, service providers, military and government personnel and those that work in retail environments.

While the InstaShield provides non-medical-grade protection, they are working on developing a medical grade version for healthcare workers. For best practices, InstaShield is most effective when worn with a mask and combined with hand washing, social distancing and sheltering at home. It can be cleaned and sanitized easily between wearings or recycled after use.

The shields are now available in packs of 5 for $9.99 at and will soon be on Amazon.

  1. I’m interested in buying some of these!

  2. I’m interested in ordering some of these but don’t order on line is there a way to order over phone ?

  3. I’m interested in buying some of these!

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