Written by Doug Berger

Over the next decade, we will have brought about a generational sea-change in U.S. industry


Step into the year 2030: U.S. Industry’s global competitiveness contributes to the common good, raises income equity, revitalizes communities, provides meaningful employment, and transforms the environmental footprint.

Industry Reimagined 2030

Industry Reimagined is the catalyst for national associations, institutes and manufacturers to collaborate and speak with a unified, compelling voice for this vibrant future. Standing in 2030, U.S. industry will have:

  • added $1 trillion to the manufacturing economy (40% increase)
  • added 5 million manufacturing jobs
  • achieved 50,000 world-class domestic manufacturers
  • reduced the environmental footprint to supply U.S. goods by 30%

The greater danger lies not in setting our aim to high and falling short, but in setting our aim to low and achieving our mark. – Michelangelo

Industry Reimagined 2030 will have bridged the chasm from innovators to mainstream. In 2020, there is a population of innovative business executives reimagining operations, investing in domestic opportunities, rethinking execution, and achieving business success. We will have scaled lessons and capabilities through national organizations.

  • SMEs will now achieve 12% cost of goods improvement in 18 months and be world-class in 3 years.

This reimagined future for industry is bold, inspiring and it is not impossible. In accomplishing this future, what will need to be true?

We shifted the existing context of manufacturing

The U.S. has been enduring a generation of comparative industrial decline. Living inside this worldview has led us to the collective mindset, decline is inevitable. We became trapped in a vicious circle of offshoring, loss of middle income jobs, diminished investment and innovative capability, stagnation in productivity, loss of national prestige, and the inability to attract talented youth into the manufacturing workforce. Our industrial relevance and national security are in jeopardy.

A vital, vibrant future for industry is emerging, however it is not assured. Inevitable decline is not the future we would choose … and we have a choice!

We built upon the foundations of 2020

Success requires us, as leaders, to adapt, to upgrade our thinking and to shift our mindset. We must be intentional about our leadership and reimagine the possible.

During the decade 2000-2009 we built the foundation for the transformation of commerce through high-speed internet, cloud computing, eCommerce, and new business models. In 2010 few recognized the tectonic shifts from eCommerce platforms, 1-day order-delivery-cash cycles and social media influencers. The change happened exponentially over the next decade when consumers saw and demanded new possibilities.

During the decade 2010-2019 we built the foundation for the transformation of industry through digital technology, industrial internet of things (IIoT), machine learning / artificial intelligence, and mobility. We have enabling capabilities that did not exist 10 or even 5 years ago.

The exponential change in U.S. industry which will happen is driven by powerful external forces. Consumers and customers demand exactly what they want when they want it. Geopolitical uncertainty demands new thinking on resiliency and risk management. The awakening that our economic and trade policy must level the playing field. The vocal expectations of employees and other stakeholders for socially and environmentally responsible action and policies.

Then 2020 became a defining year. Operating models were unfrozen, and we were forced to rethink work. We found we could become competitive enough to reverse offshoring and balance the goods trade deficit, rapidly pivot and distribute decision making because we had to. We experienced the tangible benefits of multi-company collaboration. Exponential change is reaching the tipping point.

Standing still is not an option. Companies whose leaders have adapted and evolved will grow, while the laggards who resist will decline or go extinct.

The future is happening now … it is just unevenly distributed. – William Gibson

Opportunities previously not well-known became widely visible

We do not have to be visionaries to see the future. We find it happening now in innovative companies around the country. Anywhere, anytime access to information and expertise. Virtual vs. location-based activities. Optimization of production, efficiency, energy consumption, and waste streams as a single system. Supply chains moving at the speed of information, track and trace material flow from the source through the entire supply network.

Previously impossible designs, simulating entire systems and cutting the entire environmental footprint are now practical through flexible, modular process technologies, 3D printing and distributed electrical power generation.

With the elimination of repetitive work, the new-collar workforce are technicians, problem-solvers and value enhancers. Skill building modalities include apprenticeships, digital certificates, real-time augmented reality, and simulation.

The operations excellence principles of leadership, culture, worker empowerment and continuous improvement are the basics for any company to thrive.

Industry Reimagined 2030

Shifting the national narrative from inevitable decline to vibrant opportunity

Bridging the chasm to the vast mainstream of SMEs.

Speaking with a unified, compelling voice for this vibrant future

What is next

We are coalescing the voice of several national associations and organizations including the Reshoring Initiative and Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). We are piloting programs to deliver step-change gains.

Join with us and reimagine our vibrant future!

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Doug Berger is the team leader, Industry Reimagined 2030. He has 30 years of experience leading business transformation and disruptive growth in manufacturing and supply chains. Doug co-founded The NxGen Group, catalysts for realizing breakthrough impact from Industry 4.0. Author, The Breakthrough Mind. National speaker on disruption.

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