Holder Mattress Truly American-Made

What makes a Holder Mattress different?

Holder MattressAccording to the President of Holder Mattress, Lauren Taylor, “While there is a laundry list of reasons, Holder Mattress products are superior to our competitors (two-sided, coil box springs, non-toxic, built when ordered, made in Indiana, etc…), I always emphasize that our products are Made In America. When people think of American-made products, they understand that our mattresses are built by hand, one at a time, in our factory, in Kokomo, Indiana. However, we mean so much more than that. We aren’t just designing and assembling mattresses in Indiana. We are building them from AMERICAN-MADE raw materials as well. We don’t import anything, not fabric, not steel, not foam, not fiber, not any component at all.”

Being Made In America is exceptionally important to the entire team. They are of the philosophy that they can not expect their customers to support an American-made product if they do not. 

Sourcing raw materials that are Made In America is not always an easy task and it is certainly not inexpensive, however, it’s important. It is important to put American jobs first. It is important to keep dollars within a State and within our country, instead of sending them overseas. It is important because the materials are highly regulated, meaning they meet safety standards and quality standards that imports never will. 

Holder Mattress Day BedFoam that is coming from China is full of toxic materials, in part to kill/deter pests that may travel overseas with the foam and also because it’s cheaper and unregulated there. Springs coming from overseas are poorly built and simply aren’t as durable over time. Holder Mattress cannot guarantee its mattresses are non-toxic and durable if they can’t say that about the materials from which they are built.

Holder Mattress uses Indiana products whenever possible and source the remaining materials in the United States. There are no exceptions. This allows them to sell a product that they can be confident is safe, durable, and supportive of their values. 

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