Holder Mattress Won Woman-owned Manufacturer Award at Made in America Event

woman owned holder mattress The Holder Mattress family business was formed over 70 years ago to provide mattress rebuilding services to the people of Kokomo, Indiana and surrounding areas. By 1956, they expanded to produce custom-designed mattresses for sale in their store. Their legacy continues today with President and third generation owner of Holder Mattress, Lauren McAshlan Taylor.

woman owned holder mattressHolder mattresses are 100 percent American-made and the company uses materials sourced from their home state of Indiana whenever possible. They’re transparent about the origin of the materials they use and even list their providers on their website. Although it’s more expensive to manufacture and purchase domestically made mattresses, they believe it’s worth the added cost. Holder is committed to putting American jobs first and keeping consumers’ money in the U.S. They also don’t import their raw materials because they care for the quality of their product, which is non-toxic and handmade.

It’s because of their proud family legacy and commitment to American manufacturing that they won the Women-owned Manufacturing Award at Made in America 2019.

“We’re certainly not doing it for the money, but we’re doing something that we can each look in the mirror and be proud of at night,” said Taylor as she accepted the award.

Visit Holdermattress.com to see their collection of American-made mattresses and other products.

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