HF Coors Manufacturing Dinnerware in America

HF Coors was formed originally in California in 1925 by Herman Frederick Coors, son of the renowned Coors brewery founder, Adolph Coors. Adolph Coors opened the Colorado Glass Works in 1887 to manufacture beer bottles for his brewery, the Adolph Coors Brewing Company.

The Glass Works was then leased to German-born John Herold in 1910, who incorporated the Herold China and Pottery Company on the brewery site in Golden, CO. Herold used clay from nearby mines to make dinnerware and heat-resistant porcelain ovenware under the trademark Herold Fireproof China. Adolph Coors Company acquired Herold China in 1914. Herman worked at this factory.

During Prohibition, the ceramic business was largely what kept the brewery afloat. Herman left Herold China for California and in 1925 started the H.F. Coors China Company, a manufacturer of dishes for restaurants and institutional use, in Inglewood, CA. HF Coors’s assets were later acquired by Catalina China, Inc. of Tucson and moved from California to Tucson in 2003 where they continue to manufacturer dinnerware for wholesale and retail customers today. 100% of HF Coors products are manufactured in the Tucson factory, making them completely Made In America.HF Coors Dinnerware

HF Coors is one of the only dinnerware companies that does make their products in America, and they are committed to making safe products. All of HF Coors ceramic pieces are lead-free. No minerals with lead are purchased, nor is lead added to their clay or glazes. The ceramic pieces made by HF Coors pass CA Prop 65 as well as FDA standards, making these products safe for all.

They offer a specific line for restaurateurs, one that is creatively designed, and very durable. Whether you are serving the family or stocking your restaurant with supplies, HF Coors can supply your kitchen with plates, cups, bowls, patterns, and more. When using these plates, you can be proud knowing you are serving a meal on a dish that supports American jobs and the American economy.

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