CMT Helps Manufacturers Make Their Mark with American Made Machines

Based in Chesterfield, Michigan since 1960, Columbia Marking Tools is your go-to for marking, stamping, engraving or etching. They manufacture a large line of marking machines for anything you may need–including hand tools, steel hand stamps, and accessories.

CMT offers both standard and custom solutions for identification marking including 2D mark and read machines. They help manufacturers from almost every industry to leave a unique identification mark on their products.

Their marking process is called square dot because each mark is comprised of small squares created by a diamond tip. This makes marks longer lasting and more deeply engraved.

Columbia Marking Tools is happy to be a part of the American-made movement as they are a necessary step of many manufacturing supply chains.

“It is incredible what you find when you step back and seriously evaluate purchasing the components offshore,” Columbia CEO Tom Phipps explains. “The paper work is ridiculous, let alone the customs hold ups at both ends. The crating, handling, and shipping costs are going out-of-site and God forbid the parts are not the right ones when they arrive…and a lot of times they are not right…and then what. You start all over again. Our data reveals that 18% of the time the parts are wrong or damaged. Time is money…and lead times for the kinds of customers we have do not have much wiggle room…so you risk losing a customer. It is not worth it today, good customers are too hard to come by. I implore all companies to review the TLC (Total Landed Costs) in both time and dollars to add every person and place that touches an overseas order…it’s worth the exercise.”

“I only hope we have not lost all of the great manufacturing engineering minds that used to dominate our machine tool suppliers capabilities,” Phipps continued. “Fortunately we have been able to hold on to our experienced people here at Columbia Marking Tools an experienced team of assembly systems engineers at ABI Systems Inc. too. The future looks bright.”

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