Harry Moser Receives Reshoring Award at Made In America Event

Harry Moser Receives the Made In America Reshoring Award

Made In America 2019 brought together hundreds of American Manufacturers from across the country with the common goal of making more in America. Harry Moser is recognized as a leader in the manufacturing industry for helping companies reshore jobs back to the United States. He has a goal of growing up to 5 million jobs in the United States by replacing a lot of what is imported today with domestic production. Harry was presented with the Made In America 2019 Reshoring Award for his efforts through the non-profit he founded, the Reshoring Initiative.

The four-day MADE IN AMERICA 2019 event was held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from October 3-6, 2019 with a mission to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made manufacturers and brands. “I am honored to receive the award and I am delighted to participate in this inaugural event. MADE IN AMERICA 2019 was a great success, especially for a first of its kind event. I want to thank Don and his team and congratulate them on the event’s success.” said Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. Harry Moser established the Reshoring Initiative in 2010 to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

The event drew a powerful network of policymakers, industry professionals, advocates and conscious consumers and boasts the largest-ever collection of American products. Exhibitors at the event included hundreds of manufacturers and companies from diverse industries and backgrounds with categories ranging from aerospace and automobiles to apparel and textiles. Approximately 50 percent of exhibitors were either woman- or veteran-owned. Highlights included presentations and forums led by industry leaders and peer-to-peer networking with the Made in the USA community. Organizers behind MADE IN AMERICA 2019 say this is “only the beginning of the nationwide movement.” 

Moser’s reshoring efforts have been widely recognized. In 2010, he was inducted into the Industry Week Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Moser actively participated in President Obama’s Insourcing Forum at the White House in January 2012. He also won The Economist debate in January 2013 on outsourcing and offshoring, and received the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Industry Advocacy Award in 2014. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce named Moser as a member of its new Investment Advisory Council. The Council advises the Secretary of Commerce on how government policies and programs affect the United States’ ability to attract and facilitate business investment, including reshoring. 

The Reshoring Initiative

(Source: http://reshorenow.org) Reshoring is the practice of bringing manufacturing and services back to the U.S. from overseas. It’s a fast and efficient way to strengthen the U.S. economy because it helps balance the trade and budget deficits, reduces unemployment by creating good, well-paying manufacturing jobs, and fosters a skilled workforce. Reshoring also benefits manufacturing companies by reducing the total cost of their products, improving balance sheets, and making product innovations more effective.

The Reshoring Initiative is focused on helping companies shift collective thinking from “offshoring is cheaper” to “local reduces the total cost of ownership.” We do this by assisting manufacturers and suppliers in making sourcing decisions by providing valuable tools and resources including:

  • Total Cost of Ownership Estimator® — an intuitive online calculator for determining a company’s profit and loss impact of reshoring vs. offshoring
  • Import Substitution Program — Identifies major regional importers. EDOs work with local SMEs using TCO to convince the importers to reshore and produce or source locally
  • Supply Chain Gaps Program: Identifies products with high national and regional imports and no domestic sources. Identifies offshore suppliers to target for FDI. Part of ISP
  • Reshoring Library — an online searchable database derived from over 2,900 articles on reshoring
  • Webinarsnews items and presentations — archives of past Reshoring Initiative events and articles you can use to inform customers or employees
  • Personalized Help evaluating the offshore/reshore sourcing decision
  • Other Resources 

Harry Moser Appointed to Serve on the U.S. Investment Advisory Council by Commerce Department

According to a press release issued by SelectUSA, an arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration which promotes and facilitates business investment in the United States, the United States is home to more foreign direct investment (FDI) than any other country in the world, with a total stock of FDI valued at more than $4 trillion, according to the latest data. FDI supports nearly 14 million American jobs, and was responsible for $370 billion in U.S. goods exports in 2016. Harry Moser wants to make reshoring manufacturing to the U.S. just as successful.

“One of my goals is to get the Department of Commerce to be as effective in enabling reshoring as they are in enabling FDI,”  he says. “To put it in perspective, last year about 145,000 jobs were announced as coming back as a combination of reshoring and FDI. That’s the second-highest number on record. But in that mix it’s typically something like 55 percent FDI and 45 percent reshoring; and it seems like the foreign companies better appreciate the value of producing in the U.S. for the U.S. market than the American companies do.” – (Source: Mold Making Technology Read More)

Watch Harry Moser’s full speech at Made In America 2019 to learn more about reshoring

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