Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. is a GOLD sponsor of MADE IN AMERICA 2019

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. is Proud To Be An American Manufacturer™ and a GOLD sponsor of the 2019 MADE IN AMERICA convention. “I feel that it is important for Gordon Brush® to show strong support for this event that will celebrate American manufacturers and American made goods. That is why I decided to exhibit and be a Gold Sponsor”, said Ken Rakusin, president and CEO. “We’ve said for many years now that patriotism is paramount at Gordon Brush®. Even under competitive threats, such low-cost Chinese knock-offs and counterfeit goods, the Company has been steadfast in its philosophy and commitment to manufacturing in the United States. Gordon Brush never considered off-shore manufacturing to become more price competitive.  Our American made products give us the ability to display our patriotism and pride and to create feelings of goodwill when our customers receive American-made items”, added Rakusin.

The Company is the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Made: In America Award, which recognizes outstanding achievements by an American manufacturing company. To qualify, companies are vetted for their best business practices placing them at the top of their respective industries. Each is required to make an in-depth submission detailing their commitment to ongoing manufacturing and job creation in the United States.

The award, given annually by the Washington, DC headquartered nonprofit MADE: In America™, was presented on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to company President and CEO Ken Rakusin, in the inaugural All American Room, making its national debut in the Rayburn House Office Building Foyer.

According to MADE: In America Chairman, James De Lorbe, “Gordon Brush is a truly singular company not only in its industry but in the United States. Mr. Rakusin’s leadership and track record in not only sustaining but growing a long-established company here in the United States throughout a turbulent period of ever-increasing pressures to ship production overseas, represents a significant and exemplary contribution to our Nation deserving the highest order of recognition.”

“Winning the prestigious MADE: In America award is an amazing honor and accomplishment for Gordon Brush. Even under competitive threats, the Company has been steadfast in its philosophy and commitment to manufacturing in the United States”, said Rakusin. “In spite of many issues, I was determined to build and grow my business in the United States by re-investing profits into the purchase of millions of dollars in manufacturing equipment and machinery; pride in contributing to the American economy is near-and-dear to my heart”, further proclaimed Rakusin.

Gordon Brush® has been featured on the ION Network, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg News, The Real Talk Show, The Today Show, and in the Los Angeles Times. Come see America’s favorite industrial brush manufacturer at this year’s convention and see first hand what we are made of.

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