American-Made Brush Manufacturer Saves Army $1.5 Billion with Innovation

Gordon Brush® received a letter of commendation from the United States Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) for the development of a “Chamber Brush” that cleans the main gun on the Abrams Tank, saving the Army $1.5 billion. The Army’s Director of Operations and Security Assistance, Integrated Logistic Support Center-TACOM said: “TACOM would like to express our sincere gratitude for your excellent work in supporting our warfighters in their efforts in Iraq. Your efforts have a positive impact in our fight for a democratic Iraq and the safe return of our warfighters. Again, thank you for your tremendous support to the United States Army.”

About Gordon Brush®

Since 1951, Gordon Brush® has been the leading industrial brush manufacturer of quality standard and special brushes or custom brushes for industrial customers around the world. The company’s 12 brands fully operate out of their 250,000 square foot manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and California.

With over 3,500 standard brushes and customization available, they set themselves apart from their competitors with excellent turn-around time and customer service. Their wide range of brushes makes them a match for any industry.

More Examples of some of the industries they’ve worked with:
  • A cookie factory worked with Gordon Brush® to come up with a way of removing baking deposits from its stainless-steel conveyor belt.  Gordon Brush® designed and built a special wire roller brush which now keeps the entire conveyor belt clean with only one revolution of the belt with the brush in action.


  • Laser optics are cleaned without scratching by a silk brush Gordon Brush® developed for the military.


  • NASA’s space telescope was susceptible to dust getting on its lens after the doors were opened. Gordon Brush® built the space agency a vacuum brush to dust the inside of the doors and protect the sensitive lens.

As a result, today Gordon Brush® produces 17,000 different brushes, and adds 15-20 new brushes every week from a world-wide diversity of industries.

Gordon Brush® manufactures high-quality brushes.  The company’s goal is to help its customers improve their productivity and profitability by providing them with American Made brushes that suit their exact requirements.

Meet the Gordon Brush Leader

From a broad view and all the way down to the bristles – read a great interview with the CEO, Ken Rakusin, as he leads the company into his 30th year helping the company grow leaps and bounds from day one. “One quote that Gordon Brush uses that I love is, ‘This is America, we can do anything.’ We’ve used that for 25 years. That mentality allows us to make anything that somebody throws our way,” says Mr. Rakusin.

Last year, Gordon Brush and Ken Rakusin received awards at Made in America 2019 in Indianapolis. Enjoy his speech as he shares his passion for the American worker.

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