GM Invests $2.2B in Detroit to Make All-electric Trucks, Autonomous Vehicles

“We are truly building the future today,” said GM President Mark Reuss last month as he unveiled the company’s plans to produce a variety of all-electric trucks and SUV’s.

The automaker plans to invest $3 billion for production of their all-electric pickup trucks and recently unveiled autonomous vehicle, Cruise Origin. The investment will be split so that $2.2 billion will be spent at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck plant and $800 million will be go into supplier tooling and other related projects at multiple other facilities. The Hamtramck plant is the company’s first plant that is completely made for producing ell-electric vehicles. While they’ve only publicly announced a few models, the company plans to produce at least 20 different electric vehicles in coming years.

Cruise Origin

The Cruise Origin is the latest self-driving car invention of GM subsidiary Cruise Automation. The vehicle is fully self-driving and electric, and won’t even have a steering wheel. It has 6 seats and its main purpose will be for ride sharing in the future.

electric trucks

In January, the company unveiled the automobile on the streets of San Francisco near their HQ. The prototypes they have right now (shown above) still have a lot of features that need to be tested before they can produce the final product.


Electric Trucks

While they haven’t unveiled all of the electric trucks they plan to produce, they recently announced that an all-electric Hummer will be available for purchase by late 2021. Although the traditional Hummer was discontinued 10 years ago, the pickup truck remains a fan favorite among car lovers. The GMC Hummer EV will be a more environmentally friendly alternative, with up to 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb/ft of torque.

electric trucksIt will be interesting to see how GM’s new variety of EV’s compare to other models coming to the market like that of Tesla, Ford Motor, and Amazon-backed startup Rivian.

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