GloDea Wooden Furniture is Eco Friendly and Made in America

Ignacio Santos of GloDea furnitureIn 2008, Ignacio Santos began handcrafting wooden chairs in his friend’s garage in Jacksonville, FL. They quickly became a big hit in the market, inspiring the designer to create an entire furniture collection around the chair. This inspired Ignacio to pursue the American dream and start his own company. Today, he is the owner of GloDea’s Xquare collection of wooden furniture–entirely Made in USA and eco friendly.

The collection features over 20 products finished in 23 decor color options. The growing collection includes wooden benches, tables, chairs, and stools among other furniture. Each product is made with domestic components and that same care that Ignacio built with in 2002.

Not only is the furniture American made, it’s also made with fully recyclable wood and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.

GloDea manufactures roughly 500 units per day at the Jacksonville facility and are typically shipped out only a few days after orders are placed.

Owning an American made business can be quite rewarding, but it also comes with tough overseas competition.

“Our production process is different and highly efficient,” says Ignacio. “This allows us to make great quality products in the USA at a very competitive price. Not only do we use raw materials from local suppliers, but we are also eco friendly and employ a local workforce.”

wooden GLoDea furniture

While they are able to compete in their market, many consumers are quick to choose cheaper foreign products, sending money overseas. According to GloDea Partner Dan Miller, current governmental regulations are tough on domestic manufacturers, who have to pay a 20% tax as opposed to the 10% duty imposed on importers.

“A lot of brands in the U.S. look like they’re made in America, but they’re actually foreign companies. This means that whatever money Americans spend on their goods, that profit goes overseas instead of staying in America.”

Despite the obstacles, Ignacio and Dan still know that making the product in America is worth the hassle. Since their entire production is right here in the USA, they can get personalized, high quality furniture out quickly to consumers because of their hardworking employees and domestic supply chain.

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