Ginger Betty’s Cookie Tributes Sent to the Families of the Thirteen Fallen in Afghanistan

Ginger Betty’s, a 26-year-old Quincy sweet shop known for ginger snaps. 

Ginger Bread House from Ginger Betty's BakeryOwner Beth Veneto says it all began when she was about six years old. Her sister who is now a Pastry Chef introduced her to ginger snaps. It became a hobby that through the years, she would always come back to. 

You see, Beth loves Christmas time and the gingerbread magic it brings. Baking for friends and family has always brought her immense joy. 

After moving back home from graduating college in New York, with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, she found it hard to find a job. At the time, there just wasn’t anything available. Beth thought about her love of gingerbread and how happy it made her and she decided it was just something she had to do. With that, Ginger Betty’s came to be. 

The thing Betty loved the most about baking is sharing with people. Not to mention, she loves America. In fact, she formed a foundation called The G.I., Ginger Betty Foundation to do what she felt she could to give back. Through that, she and her team have provided many smiles to the littlest soldiers and their families back in the States by delivering Gingerbread Houses and cookies to their homes. 

They also, send out APO boxes full of signature Ginger Snap cookies overseas to U.S. Soldiers to enjoy. It is important to Ginger Betty to illustrate the gratitude of their daily sacrifices for this great country.

In fact, recently something very special happened. Ginger Betty’s decided to do a sweet salute to the soldiers recently fallen in the attacks the occurred in Afghanistan. They had a tribute to them all. Neighbors all came down to join in it was very special. 

Also happening in Quincy was the unveiling of The Generals Bridge. An event General Joseph Dunford, former chief of staff, attended. The General decided to visit several businesses in town that had been involved with the unveiling of the bridge, one being Ginger Betty’s. 

In true fashion Ginger Betty herself took the General and several other soldiers on a tour. When they reached the kitchen she said, “Alright, now you guys are here, who is working?”. What she did need their help with was something very special. She saw the tributes they had made for the fallen soldiers and asked if the General and the soldiers would help take them and place them on the mantle of Ginger Betty’s Bakery. The soldiers presented the tributes one by one and placed them on the mantle to be seen by all who entered the bakery. 

General Dunford and his team were able to provide the addresses of the families so that the tributes could be sent to them as a sweet thank you. 

This entire presentation fell perfectly in line with The G.I. Ginger Betty Foundation. Where even more cookies will go out to soldiers this Holiday season. In order for the Foundation to continue providing these uplifting treats to the many soldiers and their families in our community, they need support. To support this foundation, click here.


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