Gator Stamping Shows Resilience & Strength in U.S. Manufacturing

Getting a tour of the Gator Stamping facility located in Sarasota, Florida was an experience that showed the resilience and strength of the American Manufacturer

gator stamping

When entering the building, we were introduced to the Shop Manager who proudly showed off a new air filter system of which Gator Stamping had just finished the final assembly. This is in addition to stamping and other metal processing. The manufacturing steps were almost completely in-house. An inventor had come up with the product less than two years prior. Gator Stamping President, Paul Cohen, later shared with me how he helped with the process of engineering the idea into the reality it is today. This air filter system recently invented shows the magic of manufacturing – how someone can imagine something in their mind and now it’s being shipped around the world with the label ‘Made in the USA’.

gator stamping

While Gator Stamping specializes in ‘stamping’, their team provides a vast spectrum of services. The amount of different parts I saw on this tour was unbelievable, including metal trash cans for airports, intricate hinges, fan parts, and much more.

Laser, metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, engineering & tooling, CNC punching and press brakes, welding, assembly, powder coating, and secondary operations are the resources available from this U.S. manufacturer based out of SW Florida with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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