David Spall Keeping You Safe with Fuel-Loc-Box

David Spall Made in AmericaDavid Spall is an inventor and designer in Cleveland, Ohio. David has spent his lifetime engineering and designing products for other companies. He has enjoyed his life’s work but finally felt it was time to build something for himself. Something he was able to source and carry through the process from start to finish.

Knowing he has always been a safety-minded person that enjoyed finding solutions to keep homes free from preventable dangers, David began to come up with an idea of a product that he would create, make and sell.

Looking around he noticed that many people were not storing their gasoline or propane properly. Sure, some people put a cover on their propane tank, but does that really give protection from such a potentially dangerous product? Furthermore, he began to think of places like condominiums, townhouses, even apartments, how do you store your gas can or propane tank safely? Keeping it protected from heat. Away from children. There wasn’t really a great quality solution.

After looking into some research by the National Fire Protection Agency, David uncovered that fire departments respond to an average of 160,910 fires per year involving the ignition of a flammable or combustible liquid, resulting in 454 civilian deaths and $1.5 billion in direct property damage annually. 

Thus came the Fuel-Loc-Box. Propane and gasoline storage containers that are engineered and designed for storing fuel outside. A stainless steel container with a lockable lid; the Fuel-Loc-Box isFuel-loc-box also vented. It completely solves the problem of storing fuel safe & secure. Not to mention, the stainless steel even reflects the sun, keeping the inside of the container up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. 

Creating this product has been exciting for David Spall. An American-made product for the safety of your Propane Tanks (20lb) and Gasoline Cans. Keeping Americans safe from the dangers of fuel. 

Fuel-Loc-Box began being marketed to homeowners, renters, campers, etc.. Not realizing a whole new market was about to be uncovered.

Then, David received a phone call from a school in California to talk about the Fuel-Loc-Box. The school had recently been cited by the Fire Marshall for improper storage of the gasoline cans. They needed a solution to fix this and in true California fashion, they were looking for the safest product available. Fuel-loc-Box met all the requirements. 

You can now find Fuel-Loc-Boxes all around, bringing safety to your home and children!

Proudly Made in the USA with domestic and global parts.

visit: www.fuellocbox.com

email: [email protected]

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