A Simple Plan to Speed up Recovery and Regain our Sovereignty

While many Americans are using their much-needed stimulus money to pay bills, America’s economic recovery depends on the other half of the population that has disposable income.

Much of the stimulus money will go to those supported by tax dollars whose incomes were not affected by the pandemic. In cases like that, those stimulus dollars become disposable income. This group of people includes everyone on Social Security, welfare recipients, government workers, military, disability recipients, pension recipients, and those that didn’t lose their jobs. That’s well over half of the population!

Now more than ever, it is critically important that we as U.S. consumers do NOT use our stimulus dollars to buy imported Chinese-made products. By spending money overseas, we are sending those dollars to China and stimulating their economy, giving them even more power over us.

All of us must use those dollars to Shop Local and Buy American-made Products. This will significantly speed up our recovery, create more jobs, and bring renewed prosperity nationwide.

We have a real opportunity to take that disposable income and make the United States of America a stronger country–but it will take ALL of us acting together. Let’s act NOW and act decisively. 

It’s how we as Americans spend that money the second, third, and fourth time around that will significantly impact the economy. By repeatedly putting money back into the U.S. economy, the multiplier effect will speed up our economic recovery by creating jobs and wealth.

The solution is simple: American Dollars spent on American Made products keep Jobs in America.

We must ALL become “Patriotic Spenders” and keep our dollars in this country.

“The Power of Change is in Our Pockets”
“Shop Local Buy America”
“Be America Buy American”

Help educate your fellow Americans and forward this article to all your friends, family, employees, vendors, connections, and even politicians–our nation’s livelihood and recovery depend on it.

Don Buckner CEO


Don Buckner of MadeinAmerica.com

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