FORLOH–Only U.S. Hunting Brand Sourced and Manufactured Here

FORLOH’s technical hunting gear is 100% made in America and meticulously tested to earth’s extremes and beyond. Go further, stay in the hunt longer, all with a greater level of comfort and focus to endure – no matter your pursuit.

Forloh hunting gear

FORLOH was created with this adventurous spirit in mind, for those that believe the journey begins where the trail ends, who seek to venture beyond the known into the unknown.  Our hunting products are 100% Made in America, and we are the first-to-market with new technologies. Every part of the process, from the waterproof membranes down to the tiniest thread, had to be sourced and manufactured in the USA. The result was not merely new products, but a new paradigm. 

No other hunting and fishing apparel brand on the market has invested the same amount of energy into optimizing gear technology, much less keeping that work on American soil. We are proud to be the first. A new way starts now.

Inspiration, innovation, integrity. America was built upon these ideas. A country forged by individuals in search of a better way. Daring to explore new frontiers. The American dream lives on today among hardworking men and women who understand it’s not simply a marketing slogan–it’s a way of life.

Introducing FORLOH. The only premium hunting gear and apparel brand sourced and manufactured in the USA. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing more American than getting the job done.

The future of hunting is American made.

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