Forbes: American Manufacturing Is Booming and now there is a Big Show To Celebrate It

People are starting to recognize the importance of the reshoring initiative and actions have been underway for a few years now. Last week, published an article about the Made in America 2019 mission. The article, written by Jim Vinoski, discusses the numerous advantages of domestic manufacturing.

There’s been a tremendous resurgence of support for American manufacturing and made-in-America goods these past few years. While many people think manufacturing jobs have been in decline, they’ve actually increased steadily most of the past decade. – Forbes

Vinoski wrote that “Made in America 2019 is anticipated to be the largest-ever assembly of U.S.-made products and machinery.”

He highlights the steady increase in manufacturing jobs, which range from aerospace to textiles, to transportation. Professionals, consumers, and ‘Made in the USA’ advocates will be in attendance at Made in America 2019.

Learn more about attending or exhibiting.

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  1. I’m a big AMERICAN patriot and made in America means the world to me. I love this President Donald J. Trump and how he’s doing everything in his power to Make America Great Again & Keep America Great! I’m in Industrial (Metal Stamping Equipment) Mfg. Sales, and I’m tired of the products that I sell that aren’t made in America, they are crap most of the time. I’m looking forward to going if time permits!

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