Florida-based Company Offers Affordable, Safe Tubs

Florida-based Company Offers Affordable, Safe Tubs

According to the National Safety Council, every day at least one person dies from slipping and falling while bathing. TheraTub offers affordable, walk-in tubs that almost eliminate that risk.

Made entirely in the U.S., the product is offered throughout the U.S. and select areas of Canada.  With many unique features for enhanced safety and pleasure, TheraTub comes with a lifetime warranty on all of its components; no extreme maintenance needed.  It is equipped with a water-sealed door that makes getting in and out of the tub a breeze.

Its extensive options include the ComfortWarm system, which heats your sit during your bath. It can be set at low, medium or high heat. The tub can also come as a two-seater.  For added pleasure, Theratub offers a chromotherapy lighting system and a whirlpool system.

The chromotherapy system includes 8 different colors to choose from, as well as a rainbow cycle, which automatically changes colors at various speeds. The whirlpool system is highly advanced. The tub has 18 exfoliating micro-bubble air jets and 10 heated water jets for a deep massage.

As listed on the official website for Thera Tub, the advanced system can alleviate or even cure Arthritis, sleep disorders, stress and many other issues.  American-made, affordable and durable enough to last a lifetime, the TheraTub is an easy solution to a common problem.

“It actually brings tears to my eyes to see the improvement my brother has made over the past 6 months and TheraTub was the catalyst for his improvement. It gave him hope. He has diabetes, CHF and is on oxygen 24/7. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of the TheraTub on the circulation of his now pink legs​, he is encouraged and optimistic about his future. His doctors had been suggesting a sleep apnea test and subsequent CPAP for a very long time and because he is looking forward now, he finally did it! He is now enjoying his bath nightly, getting about 8 hours of sleep each night instead of 4 hours and a nap during the day and falling asleep sitting up. He is thankful every day for having the TheraTub. It was a savior for my brother. Strictly speaking to the quality of the product, we did extensive research before choosing TheraTub. We wanted a tub made in the USA and the warranty provided is much more extensive than any of the competitors. The quality is excellent. It is sturdy and the installation was very efficient and tidy. Communication with the home office and staff was very professional and timely, no question was too silly to ask. I would highly recommend TheraTub and have, in fact as my upstairs neighbors purchased one. They are both 87 years old and wonder why they did not do this sooner! When something can make two 87 year old ladies feel healthier and be more mobile with less pain, you have to consider it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we truly believe this saved Pete and I wish we had done this for the brother we lost 4 years ago from diabetes and CHF.”​

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