A Father and Son’s American Manufacturing Journey

Flags by JustisThe story began back in 2013. Shane Henderson, of Metal Arts of Wisconsin and Freedom Cabinets, would take his then ten-year-old son, Justis, with him to build flags together in their garage. It began in simplicity, as more of a hobby/side project they shared and loved doing together. 

Three years later this “hobby” went viral, literally, as they currently hold the place on Instagram as the largest ‘metal art’ page that exists. Metal Arts of Wisconsin took off as a brand of American-made patriotic metal and wood art.  

Shane found himself with thousands of backorders, no employees, and no shop large enough to build in. The garage was no longer equipped to handle the number of flags being sold. 

Flags by JustisBeing of the entrepreneurial spirit, he did what needed to be done. Found a shop, hired employees, and in a brief amount of time, outgrew that shop and then outgrew yet another space, Metal Arts of Wisconsin was booming. So, as any entrepreneur would, Shane decided to invent a new product, which is called The Freedom Cabinet. The cabinet proved to be an overnight success pushing the company even further forward. All the while, Justis was still standing by his father’s side.

Watching and working with his father for so many years, Justis learned the value of the American flag and the value of providing American jobs along with sourcing materials, such as steel from American companies and being completely Made In America. He had also discovered his own way to bring the American flag to life. One that involves metal over wood and uses a proprietary chemical process to patina the metal. 

Flags by JustisRecognizing this talent and product of art his son had created, Shane helped Justis become an entrepreneur and follow his own American dream. Justis found a shop right across the street from Metal Arts of Wisconsin and opened his business called, Flags by Justis

Flags by Justis has discovered success just as Metal Arts of Wisconsin and Freedom Cabinet has. Each flag made by Flags by Justis is unique and made by hand using controlled chemical patina and paint marbling techniques. Obsessing over beauty and never compromising quality is how Justis has come to achieve such quality in his work.

Flags for Fortitude

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