“I blame much of the stagnation in wages and loss of manufacturing jobs in this country on the communist government of China,” says engineering professional Steve Boehm. “The companies that outsource their products to China and the American people who buy Chinese goods are complicit in this.”

Steve is the founder and CEO of Five Star Engineering, LLC, a machine shop that specializes in contract manufacturing of milled aluminum parts, located in DeWitt, Michigan. Five Star operates 24 hours-a-day five days-a-week to provide customers with the highest quality parts at a competitive price. Their around-the-clock operation and flexibility of workforce guarantees that your parts arrive when you need them.

Five Star engineering llc

Better yet, Five Star is adamant on buying from U.S. suppliers whenever possible. Check out what Boehm has to say about companies who manufacture in China and why he chooses to go the domestic route.

“20 years ago, we hoped that allowing China to join the World Trade Organization would lead to political and economic reforms–this has not happened. The workers of China are not allowed to have unions and their freedom of speech, religion and many other rights are severely limited compared to the free world. The only reason that I can see to do business in China at this point is greed. I view the Chinese people as slaves to the communist government and others who profit from their labor. I realize that the workers in China are getting some compensation for their labor, but I do not believe the compensation is as much as it would be if they were truly free people. I believe it is immoral to support the communist government and their suppression of the freedoms of the Chinese people by purchasing Chinese goods.”

Five star engineering“I believe that the communist government in China impacts everyone on the planet.  Workers who must compete with the slave labor imposed by the communist government are hurt by the stagnation in wages and loss of manufacturing jobs. Those who are part of the supply chain for the goods made by slave labor and consumers of artificially inexpensive goods benefit from it.  The people who profit the most from this system are the elites inside and outside of China. I believe that much of the world’s income inequality is caused by what the communist government is doing in China and that this inequality is the greatest threat to world peace today.”

“I do not think that this system will last forever,” says Boehm. As Martin Luther King Junior once said, ‘Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.’ He also said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’”

“I am not an economist or sociologist, but I am a machine shop owner who has seen firsthand the impact that outsourcing manufacturing to China has had on my business and the people who work with me.  I am open to different opinions, but this is the way I see it.”

For more information on Five Star Engineering LLC, visit www.fivestarengineeringllc.com.

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