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Richard Branson signs with Fisher Space PenFor the past 72 years, Fisher Space Pen Co. has proudly displayed the badge of being an American-made brand. Over the decades, pen manufacturers, once made in America, fled to find lower-cost solutions to their business needs overseas, while abandoning the very essence of what it means to be Made In America. Craftsmanship, quality, and family continue to be found at the core of Fisher Space Pen Co. and those core values will never change.

Known for our unique ties to space, our technology and pens have been the only ballpoint pen used on every crewed mission into space beginning with Apollo 7 back in 1968 and most recently with Space X. Our technology allows for writing performance in unique environments so whether upside down, underwater, over oil and grease, in zero-gravity, in -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit, our pens will not only write but they will write three times longer than the average pen. These are useful value propositions for not only astronauts but also, trade professionals, first responders, military, pilots, underwater explorers, mountaineers, trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts, and journalists.  

Functionality is a focal point for Fisher Space Pen Co. We look for ways to innovate the use of a pen and find opportunities within that use to create more value. CaseBackpacker Space Pen by Fisher Space Pen Co in point, the Backpacker Space Pen. We created this pen to have a wide range of use based on one simple innovative addition to this pen. A keyring. The Backpacker Space Pen can attach to nearly anything like your keys, belt loops, backpacks, briefcases, purse straps, or tool belts. The beauty behind this space pen is its ability to hang upside down indefinitely and once deployed, write smoothly without hesitation. All other pens rely on gravity to feed ink to the nib, but our technology works without the need for gravity. 

Fisher Space Pen CoOver the past few years, Fisher Space Pen Co. has been honored to work alongside brands like Space X, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. Our story has deep roots in the space community and those roots will always be at the core of our business but before we were Fisher Space Pen Co. we were just Fisher Pen Company, an American manufacturer with a dream to make the most functional, useful, and durable ballpoint pens in America. We never knew back in 1948 that one day we’d make the most functional, useful, and durable ballpoint pens on this planet, and the moon. Now we’re looking to add Mars to our statement.     

Fisher Space Pen, Goes Anywhere, Writes Everywhere. 

“Quality craftsmanship, reliable people, and resilient work ethic are words that can only be synonymous with being American-made.  Those words are important to us, like our people whom we consider family. We will not sacrifice quality craftsmanship, reliable people, and resilient work ethic to save a few bucks.  Made In America is who we are.” – Joshua Skidmore, Director of Sales & Marketing

Cary Fisher, President of Fisher Space Pen Co.

“Our family has always felt lucky and proud to be born in America.  We believe that not only doing our business but keeping our business in America is good for us and our American friends and neighbors.  It simplifies product development and problem solving while reducing supply chains and lead times.  It helps us maintain our quality because we are working alongside people all across America that have a resilient work ethic and appreciate that a person’s word is their most valuable asset.  I’m glad the Made in America Organization is helping remind our citizens and business people of the advantages of doing business in America.”

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  1. Love American made products. Where can I purchase the pens? Use them in the Military all the time Wanted one for my Grandson who is in Military now.

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