American-made Filter Material for Medical Grade N95+ Masks Is Now Available from US Meltblown

US meltblown filter

US Meltblown is a new American manufacturer that was created to address the dire need for U.S.-made materials for personal protective equipment. The company began production of melt blown polypropylene, the critical filter medium used in medical grade face masks and gowns, in September 2020 at a facility in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The melt blown filter material manufactured by US Meltblown uses polypropylene from U.S. sources and is made in the company’s Florida location by American workers, using equipment that has been designed, manufactured, and machined in the United States. The material, which is approved for use in masks rated N95 and higher, is static charged to provide additional protection, and meets ASTM levels 1, 2, and 3. It is sold by master roll or slitted (175mm or 260mm). Quality is ensured by rigorous in-house testing and each roll comes with a Certificate of Quality and Conformance. Quantities from as little as one roll can be ordered; USMB pays freight for single deliveries of one ton or more. Customers can request monthly, quarterly, and annual volumes and delivery preferences. 

“These days, it’s even more essential to be able to trust in the quality of personal protective equipment. Would you put your life into the hands of others that have everything to gain and nothing to lose by providing inferior masks? In order to trust the equipment, you must be able to trust the materials used to produce it, and unfortunately, we have seen a lot of inferior and counterfeit PPE material in the marketplace. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the fact that the supply of materials used to make personal protective equipment has come primarily from offshore manufacturers, and the risks of that became apparent as widespread delays, shortages, and quality issues occurred,” said US Meltblown Founder and CEO Robert Sires. “The key to highly effective masks and gowns is the layer of melt blown polypropylene, which filters very small particles and organisms efficiently while allowing enough porosity to breathe easily. US Meltblown was formed to gain American control of this crucial product. We manufacture to tight specifications so our customers can trust that they are getting the protection they need. We believe that during this crisis, it’s vital for the U.S. to secure a reliable, sustainable source of PPE material supply for critical healthcare needs, and for Americans to buy from U.S. businesses to support our economy and our workers. We are proud to play a role in this.”

“US Meltblown is proud to be America’s trusted manufacturing source for critical filter medium, setting the standard for this vital PPE material. Our mission is to protect families, healthcare workers, first responders, and workers in industry by providing a reliable source of top quality American-made melt blown nonwoven polypropylene. Our factory runs 24/7/365 in order to produce at maximum capacity, and we stand behind our product; we are just a phone call away,” said Ty Whitacre, US Meltblown Vice President of Sales.

For more information about the company and the product, please click here.

To order, please feel free to call Ty Whitacre at 1-260-438-4491 or click here to email him.

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